5 Reasons Why Merino Wool Base Layer Excel In Hunting

Hunting has long existed for decades as a profession and an outdoor activity for some. Whichever one it is for you, having the right gear is essential. That’s because it makes a difference between success and a missed opportunity.

While many tools are needed for successful hunting, a base layer is usually the first to come to mind. Among the many choices of base layers, the Merino wool stands out. And in this article, we’ll review five reasons the Merino wool base layer excels in hunting.

With its amazing properties, it has become widespread among hunters. If you have yet to hear about it, now is your chance, and we’re sure you won’t back out in trying. Read on!

What are Merino Wool Base Layers?

Merino wool base layers are a famous clothing type that, when worn, sticks to the body. Even though the manufacturers designed them for the innermost layer, it’s no problem because of their properties. You don’t get to experience discomfort because they comprise soft and itch-free wool.

This property has made the Merino wool base layer hunting clothing famous in the hunting world. While hunting, hunters are comfortable, leading them to focus more on their game. So, they’re an excellent choice!

Another property we’ll like to touch on before moving on is their natural softness. Unlike conventional wool, Merino gives your skin a non-irritating feel. The fibers are better and smoother, so even with sensitive skin, you have zero issues.

Now that we’ve explained the idea of the Merino wool base layer, let’s delve more into why they excel in hunting.

5 Reasons Merino Wool Base Layer Excel In Hunting

1. Temperature Regulation

Hunters appreciate this piece of clothing a lot. If not for any other reason but because they regulate the body temperature. Thanks to the structure of the wool fibers, hunters feel comfortable, no matter the weather.

The Merino wool base layer’s fibers have a natural crease that makes space within the fabric. So, when you wear it, these tiny spaces trap your body heat, making you feel warm in cold weather. And during the dry season, when everywhere seems hot or you have engaged in physical activities, it releases excess heat. Great production!

No one enjoys the temperature-regulating properties of the Merino wool like a hunter. You know, the weather can change during hunting, as it’s unpredictable. Now imagine the cold weather becoming hot suddenly. How would you hunt successfully wearing another wool apart from Merino as an inner layer?

2. Moisture Management

Another reason the Merino wool base layer excels in hunting is its moisture management properties. During hunting, it’s normal to sweat because it’s a strenuous exercise you can’t give up on till you catch a game. Yet, sweat can become uncomfortable because the skin gets sticky.

You can avoid all these by getting yourself a Merino wool base layer. Its fibers absorb the moisture vapor from your skin, keeping you dry always. The minute you sweat, the wool gets to work; it pulls the moisture from your body and releases it into the air.

As a result, you have eliminated every reason to develop body odor while hunting. You don’t have to return to your family stinky and irritable because the wool has eliminated the bacteria causing unpleasant odors. As the wool keeps you dry, the environment becomes inhospitable for the bacteria!

3. Odor-Resistance

Another reason you would love the Merino wool as a hunter is its odor-resistance properties. Usually, an unpleasant odor oozes out of the body after physical activity, and hunting is no exception. But with the Merino wool as your base layer, you can escape that.

Unlike synthetic materials, Merino wool has antibacterial properties. These properties ensure the bacteria have nowhere to stay by keeping you dry. And as we know, bacteria can only thrive in moist environments, like when you sweat.

Further, wild animals have a strong sense of smell, making them detect foreign odors in their environment. But with the Merino wool as your base layer, you can go unnoticed by your prey. This is another reason this property makes much sense.

4. Softness and Comfort

While some wools have a little softness, they still itch and cause irritation. It’s not the same for the Merino wool, as it’s very gentle on the skin. It has a smoother and better fiber, so it’s less likely to cause inconvenience, even when you wear it for an extended period.

This is great for hunters, as hunting involves several hours of strenuous activity. Friction is a common issue during hunting, but with the Merino wool as a base layer, it reduces drastically. Thus, you can experience breathability at its best!

5. Quiet and Durable

The last on our list of the reasons the Merino wool base layer excels in hunting is its durability and quietness. This wool shines in this aspect, a significant advantage over conventional fabrics. Because of the less friction it creates, there is less noise when it rubs against your skin. This quietness helps you move unnoticed in the forest, increasing your chances of catching a game.

Its durability makes it suitable for rough environments, which you can’t entirely avoid while hunting. You can also bend and flex without worrying about the fabric losing its shape, as it’s elastic. This means you can withstand the wear and tear of all the activities involved in hunting.


Because of all these benefits, it’s safe to say the Merino wool base layer excels in hunting. It regulates temperature, manages moisture, resists odor, and more. If you would like to have a seamless experience while hunting, why not give this wool a try?

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