5 Resume Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed

The current job market is more competitive than it has been in quite some time. Especially since more job openings than ever before have become available remotely, the pool of talent for each job becomes much more competitive. Although not all of the job openings are available remotely, it is still true that people around the globe can access and apply for a job anywhere they may be interested in moving.

With all of this competition in the job market, having a resume that stands out among the other applicants is crucial. Your ultimate goal is to land an interview because you know that the interview is your opportunity to convince the company that you should be hired. But how can you write a resume that stands out among the thousands of applicants interested in the job you are applying for?

There are five key tips to ensure that your resume is unique enough to be noticed without being so unique that it is considered odd. Writing your resume is almost like a science, but it also requires a little bit of art. Follow these five tips to make sure that your resume does not get lost in the massive pile.

Use Keyword Optimization

In the same way that technology is building a massive resource for finding applicants, it is also helping recruiters to sort through these piles of potential employees. Many of the larger companies who are seeking to fill a position use software to help sort out their pool of applicants.

Typically, the software works by looking for keywords and phrases in your resume. If your resume has the right mix of keywords, then it gets pushed through for a real human to take a look at it. What this means for you, is that you have to impress the computer software before you even get a chance to have someone actually look at your resume.

Hire a Professional Resume Service

If you feel like you are still struggling to write an effective resume, then you might be someone who would benefit from hiring a resume writing service. Professional resume services are a great resource for someone who is looking to make their resume as strong as it possibly can be. As an added bonus, these people look at a resumes all day long, so they can really help you understand how your resume compares to others who are on the market for a new job. Of course, not every resume service is going to do a good job with your resume, so it’s important to read reviews and do thorough research before investing in one.

Tailor Your Resume

One of the most common mistakes that applicants make is sending in a resume that is generic and not specific to the job. When you are applying for jobs, you will only see the reward of landing an interview when you put in the necessary time to tailor your resume to the job. In fact, not tailoring your resume is more than likely going to mean that your resume will not even make it past the computer software we mentioned before.

Start by reading the job description thoroughly. How can you alter your resume to make sure that it is evident that you meet the qualifications? What about the company itself? Is there anything that you can include in your resume to point out that you would be a good fit for the company? While you are looking at the description of the job, take the time to add some of the keywords from the job posting into your resume. This will help you get through to a recruiter rather than being ignored by the software.

Keep it Short

As you move through life, your resume is bound to get a little bit longer. This is especially true if you make several career moves or get a few promotions throughout your work experience. It is important to remember that not every job is relevant to your current job search. The length of your resume should be kept brief in order to not overwhelm someone who is evaluating your experience.

It is important to weed out the facts on your resume that are no longer relevant to your job search. You might also elaborate on only the job histories that are relevant for the current position you are seeking. Keeping it short is one of the most important ways to make sure that your resume is powerful and makes a quick impact on whoever is evaluating it.

Spell It Out

Sometimes there are gaps in your resume that need to be explained. Whether this is a sudden career change, a gap in employment history, or even a disconnect between the job qualifications and your own qualifications; these things do not have to become an issue for your potential employer.

Although you want to keep your resume brief, it is a good idea to go ahead and answer any gaps that may be found in your resume. This will make sure that the employer is able to fully evaluate the situation before simply tossing your resume away without actually giving you the chance to explain your history. Answer any questions that they may have before they even have the opportunity to toss you to the side.

Final Thoughts

Considering that your resume is the ticket to get an interview for a potential job, it is crucial that your resume is able to shine among all of the other applicants. Have you done everything that you can do to guarantee that your resume is strong enough to stand out in the crowd?

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