5 Tips for Coping with Tooth Sensitivity to Sweets

Few things can put a damper on a good thing like tooth sensitivity. It can prevent you from eating your favorite foods, or enjoying an outing with family and friends, and can be downright painful. 

Right now, 1 out of 8 people in the United States deals with sensitive teeth. Many people have sensitivity to sugar, even if they don’t currently have any cavities. 

Understanding your sweets sensitivity will help you make informed decisions and get the dental care that you need. Here’s what to consider if you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity to sweets. 

1. Visit a Dentist Regularly

When in doubt, schedule an appointment with your dentist. When you visit a dentist regularly, you will get a better handle on the current state of your dental health, and whether there are other red flag issues at play. 

For instance, people often feel tooth sensitivity to sweets when they are dealing with gum disease or worn-down enamel. A dentist will provide a thorough checkup to learn if these or other issues are the root cause. From there, they can provide treatment options that will get the issue under control so that you can go back to enjoying and appreciating your favorite sweet treats.

2. Limit Your Sweets Intake

Of course, you can never go wrong limiting your sugar intake. Not only is excess sugar bad for your oral health, but it can also contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other issues.

There’s sugar sensitivity, but there’s also the possibility that you are simply taking in too much sugar. Look for some healthier alternatives and enjoy your sweet sparingly.

3. Limit Your Acid Intake

Aside from the sugar, you might be experiencing sensitivity because you have too much acid in your mouth. When this happens, your teeth will be far more sensitive to sweets and it will continue weakening the enamel.

Ask your oral health professional for a fluoride treatment to add some balance to the acid levels in your saliva. You can also limit the number of acidic foods that you eat on a regular basis to get these issues under control.

4. Consider the Temperature

When you’re dealing with sensitive teeth, it could also be a matter of extreme temperatures. Drinking or eating anything too hot or too cold can cause pain in your teeth. 

Avoid foods on either extreme and give your hot meals some time to cool off before enjoying them. 

5. Switch Your Toothpaste

Finally, you can cope with your teeth sensitivity by switching toothpaste. Find a toothpaste option that is intended for people with tooth sensitivity. It’ll be easier on the enamel and help you cope with these issues. 

You’ll also be able to stay on top of your dental hygiene and keep sugar and acid from building up in your mouth. 

Overcome Tooth Sensitivity to Sweets

If you’re a person dealing with tooth sensitivity to sweets, the tips above offer some things you can try to counteract it. Talk to your dental professional for further help. 

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