6 Reasons to Send Out Holiday Cards

Sending paper holiday cards is one classic tradition that may never lose its place in our seasonal celebrations.

A Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday card is a great way to bring a smile to your friends’ and family members’ faces and remind them that you’re thinking of them.

If you’re on the fence about whether to send loved ones a special card, keep reading to learn why you definitely should take up the practice.

1. Spread Some Holiday Cheer

Decorating for the holidays has been proven to boost our moods, and ease anxiety and depression. Receiving holiday greetings from loved ones likely has a similar effect. The simple gesture of sending a holiday greeting card is a great way to remind your family and friends how much you care about them and to help put them in the mood for the season with a little holiday cheer.

2. Reconnect With Old Friends

If you find yourself thinking of friends you’ve lost touch with throughout the year, the holidays are a great time to reach out. Indeed, sending a holiday card is a great way to bridge the gap without having to send a potentially awkward message. It’s more personal than sending a message on Facebook and conveys that you care about them. More than that, such a card opens the door for a phone call or perhaps getting together in-person.

3. Update Your Family on Milestones

Did you buy a home, adopt a pet, get married, or welcome a new baby in the past year? Even if your friends and family already know about your big news, including a note or photo on your holiday card is a great way to formally update everyone on your latest milestone.

A wedding photo, a snap of your family in front of your new home or hugging your new puppy, or an image of your bundle of joy is certain to bring a smile to your friends’ and family members’ faces. And if the news is fresh or isn’t something you shared widely, this card is a great way of making sure the word gets out to those you don’t speak to as frequently.

4. Share a Recent Photo of Your Growing Littles

Kids grow fast, and if distant friends and family members don’t get to see your little ones regularly, they may grow by leaps and bounds in-between visits. Sending a holiday card with an updated picture lets your loved ones see you and your kids. This also makes a great keepsake; year after year, you can pull out your cards and see how your kids have changed and grown.

5. Give Close Family a Treasured Holiday Decoration

Even though your close friends and family may see you frequently, they’ll likely still appreciate receiving a cute holiday card. Displayed on their refrigerator or hung up elsewhere in their home, a beautiful Christmas, Hanukkah, or another holiday card makes for a simple, yet meaningful holiday decoration. Parents and grandparents may even opt to save your card each year to continue using it as a special part of their holiday décor.

6. Show Clients Your Appreciation

Holiday cards — even photo holiday cards — aren’t just for those close to you. Add a picture of your office staff and you have a card that’s perfect for sending to clients and business connections. In fact, sending a personalized card is a great way to show you value and appreciate your customers. Keep in mind it’s usually best to avoid religious sentiments when sending holiday cards to clients and instead stick to something simple and traditional.

Sending the Perfect Holiday Cards

Sending holiday cards is an important seasonal tradition. Besides helping you get into the holiday spirit, personalized cards are also a great way to spread holiday cheer, reconnect with old friends, mark important milestones, and more!

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