7 Organizational Strategies to Transform Your Business

Good organization is crucial for internal productivity, profitability, and morale. If you have files stored in multiple locations, endless boxes of unlabelled paperwork, and disorganized folders, it is time to act.

Prepare your company for significant growth by organizing its files and folders, setting data permissions across accounts and programs, and improving your digital asset management. Learn about the seven organizational strategies that will transform your business.

  • Declutter Your Workplace

Your employees may often waste valuable time searching for an important file, business contract, or industry textbook, which will slow them down in their role. Transform productivity and efficiency by setting time aside to declutter and organize your workplace.

For example, you must tidy filing systems to simplify your paperwork and label all documents and folders to improve organization. Also, keep items your team members will use every day to hand, such as placing much-needed paperwork in a paper tray or storing much-used books in a desk drawer, and encourage your team to do so.

Also, descale the number of items spread across the office to minimize mess. Decreasing physical clutter can reduce mental clutter, which will improve your team’s focus, productivity, and motivation. Say goodbye to items your company no longer needs or hasn’t used in a long time, which will improve concentration and performance across the business.

  • Expertly Manage Your Digital Assets

Companies of all sizes can accumulate many digital assets over time, such as images, videos, presentations, audio files, and branded content.  The digital assets might also be saved in various formats, such as JPGs and PNGs or PDFs and Word Docs.

Find and manage every file with ease by introducing a digital asset management (DAM) platform. You can then access all the files in one location to support internal efficiency and prevent digital content duplication. Plus, it will enable you and your team to access and share files with anyone at any time in any location, which can support collaboration and creativity each day. Another benefit of a DAM platform is that you can control access to files to ensure the right person accesses an image or document.

  • Run a Paperless Office

Storing physical files isn’t always a wise decision in business, as a trespasser could break into your premises to steal business-sensitive data. If this is a concern, it might be time to run a paperless office to avoid giving away trade secrets and run a greener business.

Make it your company’s mission to digitally scan all-important business documents, which you can store in a DAM platform, and set permission controls to protect the information from prying eyes.

  • Organize Your Passwords Like a Pro

While you might know how to lead a team, run compelling digital marketing campaigns, and network with suppliers and clients, you might be unsure how to manage and store company passwords. As a result, you might jot them down on a piece of paper or use easy-to-remember keywords and phrases, which can increase your company’s risk of a serious cyber threat.

If you are guilty of using the same passwords across accounts or often forget passwords for your company website or social media accounts, you must introduce a password management app. The right platform can store all impenetrable passwords in one location, which will allow you to access a site or software program with ease.

  • Tackle Your Cables

Loose cables are not only unsightly, but they can make your office appear disorganized and can become a trip hazard. Create an attractive, organized, and safe space for your team by introducing simple zip ties or under-desk cable trays. They can prevent wires from becoming tangled up, which can make it easy for your team to unplug their monitor, modem, or laptop charger.

  • Introduce a CRM System

Managing leads, customer questions, and payments are no simple tasks in business. Make the process much easier by introducing a dependable customer relationship management (CRM) system. The handy tool can improve communication between your brand and the customer, as your team will find it easier to answer many customers’ questions, chase overdue invoices, and keep track of important emails.

The innovative technology can improve organization across the business while helping to build stronger customer relationships, provide an exceptional customer service experience, and increase your annual profitability.

  • Track Your Employees’ Time

In addition to organizing files, decluttering your office, and improving communications, you must strive to track your billable hours to improve efficiency across the business. A time tracking tool can help your company track its employees’ time and identify where they are wasting time and effort each day.

After reviewing their daily tasks, senior management can pinpoint if a team member is investing too much energy into an unprofitable task. Instead, you can adjust their schedule to ensure they focus on jobs that will increase the company’s revenue. A time tracking tool is an effective way to help staff learn to prioritize their time much better, which will increase productivity and profitability while supporting employee performances.

Various time tracking platforms are available to help you track your employees’ daily tasks. However, you must convey the benefits of a platform to ensure your staff members don’t feel micromanaged in their roles, which could drain morale and motivation.


While high-quality products, dependable services, and exceptional sales and marketing campaigns are essential for business profitability and growth, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of good organization.

If your office is messy, disorganized, and features uncontrolled access to information, you might struggle with low employee morale, data loss, and low productivity levels.

Transform your operations by looking for ways to improve organization across the business, such as decluttering a busy office, tackling loose cables, managing various digital assets, and prioritizing daily tasks.

If you follow the above advice, you can run an efficient, tidy, and secure business each day. The tactics can boost your annual revenue and ensure your company feels 100% prepared for growth to improve its performance in the future.

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