7 Things to Do When Stuck in Traffic

Whether you take a car, a taxi, or a bus, you’ll end up stuck in a traffic jam at some point. And while this experience is inevitable, it doesn’t get less boring. The only thing that can change is you – either you get grumpy and angry about traffic, or you can accept what’s happening and try to do something fun.

Traffic jams don’t necessarily have to be something tedious. Moreover, they can give you an exciting opportunity to learn something new, call a friend, play a phone game, or do something creative. In this article, you’ll find seven exciting things you can do to kill time when stuck in traffic. Read on – and try to have some fun.

Read a Book

In the age of smartphones and tablets, reading books on paper has been falling out of fashion. But there’s a reason that e-readers are not yet wholly replacing the paper versions – reading from a screen is not as comfortable as reading from a book. Moreover, paper books don’t need Internet access to be read, which means they can be used when you’re stuck in traffic.

Pick up a book you like, adjust the light, and start enjoying a new series or just rereading an old favorite. A good book will help you forget about what’s going on outside, and it will also give you something to think about.

Learn Something New

If there’s something interesting that you want to learn more about but never found the time for, now is the time to do it. Don’t be afraid to use Wikipedia or watch online courses for something that interests you – there are no rules against using free resources.

You can learn anything from how to tie a tie to play the piano or read about TOAD OBD2 software and why it becomes so popular today among car owners. The only thing that matters is what you find interesting enough to learn about it.

Play a Game

For some people, gaming is something they do only to kill time or deal with boredom. However, for others, gaming is a serious hobby that requires a time investment and even study.

You can play both video games and board games on your smartphone to kill time during a traffic jam. Just make sure to choose simple games that don’t require too much attention – otherwise, you’ll just end up getting frustrated while playing and will be distracted when it’s time to drive again.

Call Someone

If you’re bored with the people around you, you can always call a friend and have a pleasant conversation. It is not always easy to find a free moment in your life, so make the most out of this opportunity. If the conversation goes off-topic and turns into something fun, this is great! But even if it doesn’t, it will still be interesting for you both to share something new with each other.

You can talk about your plans for the day or just chat about fun things. Even if it’s just a short conversation, you’ll feel much better afterward.

Eat Something Delicious

Traffic jams are perfect for taking breaks during long car journeys. Whenever you feel hungry, take out something tasty and eat it until hunger is satisfied. It can be anything from healthy snacks like apples, nuts, or dried fruit to chocolate – this is a good time for eating tasty sweets! You can also drink some coffee or tea – it will keep you energized and awake until your destination is reached if you drive long-distance.

Of course, don’t go overboard and turn this break into a full-fledged meal – after all, you want to keep your eyes on the road and not let the food distract you.

Listen to Music

Music can help us relax and forget about what’s going on around us. When stuck in traffic, turn up your car stereo and listen to some music that makes you happy. You can choose music from the radio or play any songs from your phone on the speakers of your car. Or, if you own a portable speaker for your phone or tablet, connect it and listen to your favorite music whenever you want.

Make Plans for the Day

Traffic jams are the perfect time to plan your day. You can make sure your schedule doesn’t get messed up by traffic, and you’ll feel more relaxed when you know what you’re going to do later. A simple “to-do list” can give you a lot of satisfaction during a traffic jam, especially if you mark some tasks as done.

If you want to be more creative with your planning, you can make a “mood board” for the day. This is an inspiring way to plan your day because it allows you to visualize all your ideas and dreams in one place. It can help you relax and enjoy the trip, as well as allow you to discover something new.


Traffic jams are inevitable, but they don’t necessarily have to be boring. You can accept what’s happening and make the most out of it. You can learn something new, catch up on reading, have a snack, or organize the rest of your day. There are many great ideas on how you can kill time, so make sure to choose the one that suits your preferences most. And don’t let traffic jams get you down!

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