7 Tips for Choosing a Medical Detox Center

As of 2020, around 59 million Americans, 12 or older, have used illegal drugs in the last year. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have a drug disorder and kicking that addiction is challenging, to say the least. 

We know addiction recovery is tough and we want to be there to support you. We’ve put this guide together, so you know what to look for in a medical detox center. 

There are many facilities out there, but don’t all have qualifications and good reviews. Choosing the right one is crucial to your health. Your detox won’t be easy, but having the right staff and addiction treatment is key to your success. 

Continue reading for seven helpful tips! By the end of this article, you’ll feel confident making your decision. 

1. Accreditation and Licensing

The facility that you go to should be accredited and recognized as a medical detox center. They should have the right licensing and meet the standards of care.

It’s important to keep in mind that lots of facilities advertise online and on TV. Those ads do not necessarily mean they are a reputable facility.

Your health is at stake, so be sure to do your due diligence. You can visit the website and review their social media profiles for more information. The medical detox facility should have its licenses and accreditations listed online for you to check out.

Many rehab centers will have certifications from one of these three places: Joint Commission, CARF Accreditation, and LegitScript, so be on the lookout for those. 

These certifications and accreditations will help ensure you get the best possible care. You don’t want to go to a facility to detox only to find out they aren’t qualified. 

2. Qualified Medical Staff

Once you’ve determined the facility is qualified, it’s time to check out the staff. The medical center should employ licensed healthcare professionals.

This can include addiction specialists, doctors, and nurses. They should all have experience managing drug withdrawal. They should be knowledgeable and you should feel comfortable around them. 

If you don’t feel safe around the experts, it will make the detoxifying process much harder. 

3. Range of Services

Your needs may not be the same as someone else’s, which means you’ll need to research the type of services that the facility provides. 

The more services they offer, the better. This will allow them to create a personalized plan that encompasses all your needs.

Medical care while you’re detoxing is crucial, but you also may need mental health counseling and aftercare planning services. If a medical facility doesn’t offer everything, you’ll have a more challenging time staying sober. You’ll also have to spend more time finding another facility to fill in the gaps that the original place had. 

4. Staff-to-Patient Ratio

The lower the ratio between the staff and patients, the better. This will ensure more personalized patient care and adequate attention. 

You will greatly benefit from one-on-one therapy and counseling. If a medical detox center takes on too many patients, you won’t get as high-quality of care. 

With an unbalanced ratio, you’re more likely to be put in a vulnerable position. Staff and medical professionals won’t be able to devote as much time to you, which can lead to physical and emotional instability. You will quickly be put in a dangerous position. 

When the staff-to-patient ratio is lower, you will be able to build trust with your providers faster. The environment will be more conducive to healing as well. 

5. Insurance Coverage and Payment Options

Cost is a big factor when it comes to addiction treatment. It’s not always affordable. Before making a final decision about a medical detox center, be sure to inquire about payment plans and insurance coverage.

Insurance coverage can make paying for the treatment much easier and reduce the financial burden.

The facility should be honest and transparent about the pricing from the beginning. When you’re asking these questions, if the professionals don’t give you a straight answer about the cost, it’s best to continue your search elsewhere.

You don’t want to get hit with an unexpected bill at the end of your treatment.

6. Continuum of Care

Transitioning from your detox program is essential. Detoxing is only the first step. A reliable medical center will give your support throughout the entire process from start to finish.

You’ll need guidance after you’ve detoxed and your therapists and medical professionals show give that to you. You’ll also need referrals to ensure a seamless transition and continued treatment. Injuring about this prior to starting treatment will make the process much easier. 

7. Client Testimonials

Reviews and client testimonials can also be helpful tools when you’re searching for a drug rehab center. You can learn a lot about the facility from other people’s experiences. 

Everyone’s experience is going to be different and reviews may vary, but lots of positive testimonials are a good sign. Keep in mind, just because someone else had a positive experience doesn’t necessarily mean you will. However, reading through reviews can lower your risk of a bad experience.

The center should have testimonials listed on its websites, but you can also look at their party sites for more. 

Medical Detox Center

Your journey to recovery is going to take some time and it won’t be easy, but the right medical detox center can make all the difference. By choosing a reputable medical detox center, you’ll get personalized care, the highest level of safety, and support throughout the challenging entire process. 

Your health is the most important thing. Take the time to ask questions and do your research. 

Finding the right detox center is the first step to your healthy and happy future. Don’t wait to get started, for more helpful information and tips, keep browsing our website. We want you to be as safe and healthy as possible. 

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