7 Tips for Pleasuring Women

Even the most talented lovers can use some helpful bedroom tips, and these 7 are sure to up your pleasure game in a big way

Sex is something that just about anyone can have. But successfully pleasuring a woman is a completely different story. The truth is, it’s not always easy.

Men and women alike have studied the art of pleasuring women since the beginning of time. And since then, humanity has, thankfully, learned a thing or two.

Let’s go over 7 secret (or underrated) tips for transforming your sex game from “just basic” to a pleasure powerhouse.

7 secret tips for giving her more pleasure

1- Use your words

First things first, a little dirty talk can go a long way. Women want to hear their partners tell them how turned on they are.

Dirty talk can sound different to everyone, so don’t feel scared to give it a try! Start mild and see if she likes it. Trying out dirty talk with a non-judgmental partner (like NZ escorts) is a great way to become a pro overnight.

2 – Confidence is key (fake it if you need to)

Confidence can elevate the sex appeal of any man. This is especially true when it comes to sex. A partner that is calm, confident and, in charge is exactly what most women want.

But when it comes to confidence, some men feel that they just don’t have it. Let me tell you a little secret. Just fake it, and women will never know the difference. However, you should never confuse arrogance with confidence, as that will have the opposite effect on the ladies.

3 – Start with a warm-up

Passionate sex in the heat of the moment is something that women crave too, but before you slide into home plate, be sure to give her a warm-up first.

Kissing, caresses, oral sex and, a little eye contact can go a long way, and should never be skipped.

Warm-ups might seem like a buzz kill if you’re really raging and ready to go, but just remember, that warm-ups are crucial for female pleasure. Without warm-ups, there’s less natural lubrication and, much less, chance of an orgasm.

4 – Don’t forget pleasure hot spots

The female body has multiple erogenous zones. And most of them are not anywhere close to the vagina.

Touching women in places like the inner thigh, lips, neck, belly, and feet, can help get that previously mentioned warm up off to a great start, all while helping identify the pleasure.

But don’t just touch. Soft caresses with either hands or the mouth will surely elevate her sensitivity and drive her wild.

5 – Consider the mood

Throwing off the mood should be avoided at all costs. Not all women are one and the same, but in general, women tend to put more focus on details like mood and feeling. And if you want her to reach her full pleasure potential, you should pay attention to those things as well.

If the night is calm, and the feeling and ambiance is romantic, then keep things that way, unless asked to take things more hardcore.

6 – Don’t forget her needs

The number one rule when pleasing a woman is to listen to her needs. If she tells you to go slower or move in a certain way, don’t get offended. Her instruction will actually help you tremendously.

Women like a mixture of techniques, don’t stop with just one. And don’t forget to make her orgasm before you do. Maybe even try more than once if possible.

7 – Practice makes perfect

This one is huge. The more you practice sex, the smoother and more skilled you will be. So, if you’re a little inexperienced, don’t worry at all. Things take time. And there are ways that you can practice, even when you don’t have a partner.

NZ escorts are a great way to study before the big test. Going on a date with New Zealand escorts can help get you used to the date night setting.

Bonus tip

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