A gas station clerk is attacked by a Florida man with corn dog sticks and hot dogs for beer

There is a terrifying incident that took place in one of the gas stations located in Florida, where a man barged into the gas station and attacked the clerk. The Florida man wanted beer on Friday has used corn dog sticks and hot dogs to attack the clerk working in the gas station.

Cavan McDaniel whose age is 35, has thrown hot dogs and poked the clerk sitting in the Petro gas station with the corn dog sticks. The incident happened in Marion County. McDaniel’s had lost the cool when the clerk refused to sell beer to him. There was no clear reason for the clerk’s end. There are some scars on the victims face, and her eye is swollen due to hitting badly with the corn dog stick. The surveillance camera that is in the gas station has captured the whole incident where McDaniel was found hitting the person with hot dog badly.

There are charges filed against McDaniel for battery-touch or strike. There is probation that is imposed in Pasco County, which was breached by McDaniel. He was put in prison with no bond.

The spread of this news has terrified people. Many took to social media to express their outrage for insanely hitting the gas station clerk.

According to the victim statement, Cavan McDaniel, who is from Florida, behaved intermittently with the clerk due to whom the person refused to sell the beer. There is no medical attention that is given to the person after the attack. The whole attack in the gas station was captured in the tape. In the footage, it is clear that Cavan McDaniel was walking aimlessly towards the gas station and stopped for a second near the beer fridge to pick up a pack. After picking the beer, the person walked to the counter to pay the bill. A few minutes later, you can see the clerk having a discussion with the man. The co-workers who witnessed the whole incident stated that the lady refused to sell beer to the guy, which irked him and made him attack.

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