A Smart Social Media Style Guide for Perfect Branding

In today’s modern business world, marketing and branding on social media are everything to build trustful connections. It is stated that having a presence on social media offers unexpected benefits and helps you stay updated on current trends and events. So, if you are a business, you must consistently invest your time and efforts to build your brand’s style on all social platforms.

Social media plays a crucial role in greater communication and can move your business forward. Fortunately, to take your business to a notch, you must build a creative social media style guide that performs well for a perfect branding. A style guide helps to keep your brand’s tone, style, and voice consistent.

Here let’s learn how to build your brand voice on social media.

What Exactly is a Social Media Style Guide?

A social media guide is nothing but information about your brand’s personality, tone, language, and grammar on other platforms. Note that you may follow some business profiles on social media that have built their brand’s style and are more recognizable among people with their consistent work.

It means that a social media style guide is setting up a specific style for your brand on social media. This combines everything from branding colors to logos, hashtags, and emojis. The way you present your brand in a unique style consistently. And, you can start building relationships with potential customers and boost your brand recognition. The great thing is that if you already have a brand guideline, then it is the perfect way to get started on social media as you are.

A Checklist of all Social Media Accounts

First of all, let’s start by creating a checklist of all the social media platforms you use for businesses. Once you have a list, you can know that every platform’s guidelines are different in creating the brand’s style and voice.

Here let’s discuss a few platforms.

Linkedin is a more professional network when compared to Twitter, Facebook is both an entertaining and business platform and TikTok is a unique platform with creative opportunities to entertain and engage the audience the most. Identifying which platform most of your audience is on will help make great content relevant to your audience. Many experts say that if you take advantage of TikTok, a creative outlet, then utilize Trollishly to visualize your brand highly.

Some social media guidelines include the following:

  • Play a team role in creating and sharing unique content.
  • Experimenting with different types of content
  • Timing
  • Compliance with standards
  • Security Protocols
  • Employee guidelines

Design guidelines

  • Colors: You may already have set your brand’s color; if you wish, you can use the same color in different contexts.
  • Logo: Your logo is one of the essential elements on social media, and it’s a great idea to take advantage of your logo and upload it as a profile picture for every social media platform. For your social media use, you have to create and use a highly appealing logo for your profile.
  • Filters & Effects: If you explore the social media platform, you will be surprised to use various filters and effects. At the same time, these will change the style of your content and make it more appealing. So consistently use the filters and effects and stay identifiable.
  • Posts: What type of posts should you use on your social media? Will you post only photos, stock photos, or videos? What type of video posts or image posts would you highly prefer? How to remove watermarks from your posts? The answers to these questions will help style your content for perfect branding efforts.

5 Ideal Ways to Design Your Social Media Style Guide

If you are considering social media for your business, then you must follow the guidelines to build your brand’s image. It includes setting up logos, colors, and fonts to make your brand more appealing.

Are you excited to learn? Let’s explore!

#1 Build a Cohesive Brand Image

Social media is an extremely visualizing outlet that defines your brand image and builds your brand’s personality. For instance, if you look at your website, Facebook page, then TikTok profile, make sure your brand’s look and feel are styled similarly across all the platforms.

Your brand’s image and voice should tell you about your brand’s standards. So, think about how to bring a consistent look and feel to your brand. In addition, search for ways to make your brand more recognizable. In order to present your brand, you have to think about the following factors, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Colors
  • How can you style can images?
  • Font for your graphics and more

#2 Create Your Brands Persona

Once you start working on social media, you have to follow the best practices to showcase your brand’s voice. First, remember that your customers will perceive your presence on social media, so better describe your brand with these words. Such as:

  • Bold
  • Friendly
  • Funny
  • Short and punchy
  • Cheerful
  • Trendy and more

Is adding fun, humorous, or professional words enough? Not at all. To express your brand’s personality, plan to add the elements like bright colors, GIFs, pop art, or emojis. Everything will express the brand in several ways, so pick the right style to visualize your brand highly.

To represent your brand in a highly visual manner, you need to focus on the following factors:

  • Staying consistent with your brand’s color is imperative to build your brand identity.
  • Choose a consistent font style for your profile picture, cover images, posts, etc.
  • The language to engage on social media.

Pro Tip: The colors you choose to build your brand identity are everything on social media. So be mindful and select the right palette.

You can also state your brand’s persona like:

  • Resharing user-generated content
  • Replying to user’s comments as soon as possible
  • Responding to negative comments in a polite and smart way

#3 Visual Consistency

You know that branding is easy on social media by making reliable efforts. And you have to know that your design team should be more aware of how to creatively design and use the logo and brand name when it comes to visual consistency. For example, they know how to consistently build your brand’s style with the perfect style or background.

As social media is an exclusively highly visualizing platform, creating images or videos that are highly appealing and engaging is essential to make people remember your brand. In addition, use TikTok to raise your content reach. And to induce more audience to visit the site, plan to buy tiktok followers which will help to improve your social stature on the platform. As visual consistency is vital to build the brand’s identity, ensure to follow this style guide to rock on the TikTok platform.

Pro Tip: If you want to make your design more appealing, discuss with the design team to pick the right color to uplift your marketing efforts. Remember that your logo and color palette is essential to build your brand’s visual identity.

#4 Choose Your Social Media Aesthetics

Today, aesthetics is everything that gives a new life to your brand. Thanks to many social media platforms, especially Instagram and TikTok. You can express your creativity in a unique way. Well, as TikTok is the Gen Z platform, creating unique and attractive content leveraging Trollishly will help generate a higher engagement level. So, how you express your brand is highly important rather than your design style and color palette.

Pro Tip: Plan to design a mood board that is highly visualizing and informs your design team to design best to invoke the audience’s interest.

#5 Focus on Consistency While Considering a Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

If you are a brand, follow the multichannel approach to maximize your brand’s exposure. Of course, you have to share the post on multiple channels. But, to provide a hassle-free user experience, you have to style your brand for every platform, as every social media platform’s functionality is different. Choose the right design for each channel, stay posted to market your brand, and ensure success.

Wrapping it up

Have you read this guide? If yes, you will know how your social media style guide sounds and rewards your brand by boosting sales leads and revenue.

So why wait? Right now, follow the style guide and enjoy the unlimited benefits it offers for businesses.

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