A viral video of V smoking at Grammy Awards 2022 infuriates the ARMY, Details of the viral video explained!

When his member Jimin uploaded a video of Kim Tae-Hyung smoking an e-cigarette, he was the talk of the town. The public is split on whether or not the singer’s smoking habits are acceptable. Due to the leaked footage of the BTS vocalist, a debate has been started on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Fans are divided on this issue, with some supporting the BTS singer and others criticising them. Keep reading this text to learn more about the Twitter-leaked video of Kim Tae-Hyung and find out whether the video is still available or if the singer has removed it. Read the following paragraphs for further information.

Taehyung smoking e-cigarette becomes popular on Twitter and Reddit

Because of his stage name, “V,” Kim Tae-stage Hyung is well-known all over the globe. On December 25th, the official BTS Twitter account shared a picture on their page showing member V lying on the ground while holding an electronic cigarette in one hand and a smartphone in the other. Since its supporters had started to take the situation seriously so soon after publishing the images, the BTS organisation deleted the photo within minutes of it being made public after it had been published. After the time limit, there has been a heated debate on various social media platforms. Continue reading to learn more about the contentious video featuring a member of BTS.

The viral debate of Taehyung Cigarette Smoking Goes Viral

Several of the singer’s admirers came to his defense, arguing that he should not try to conceal the fact that he used to be a smoker since he is entitled to engage in whatever vices he wants and that he has the right to do so. Someone on Twitter expressed their opinion as follows: “Honestly, these so-called fans have such a restricted vision. He is at liberty to behave in whatever manner he deems appropriate and to pursue his own objectives in life. He has not given anybody any assurance on the course of his life or the things he intends to do. A few of the followers’ tweets have had overlapping content. Continue reading to reach the conclusion of the article and see what the rest of the people think.

Fans respond to Taehyung smoking e-cigarette viral Twitter video

Those on one side of the argument are siding with V, while on the other side, others are criticising him for vaping. Someone once claimed that an electronic cigarette had as much nicotine as a standard cigarette package. Vocal damage is possible. V cautioned us against using drugs since they are bad for our health, yet does he smoke in this room? In spite of the singer’s widespread popularity, some fans are concerned that his success may be tied to his use of electronic cigarettes. This is the topic that is causing quite a commotion in the internet world right now.

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