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The cool Actor who is well familiar with the brilliant TV series, Continuum, Victor Webster is a known celebrity. Having ancestors from over 6 countries, Webster is widely known for his role in the soap opera, “Days of our Lives”. While being much familiar on TV, Webster mostly worked in TV series only. Want to know who is Victor Webster? 

Who is Victor Webster?  

Born on February 7, 1973, and running down his 46th year of age, Victor Webster got raised in Calgary, Canada. His growing recognition was due to the role of a second person playing Nicholas Alamain in the TV series “Days of your Lives”. Other than acting, Victor Webster was mostly interested in Martial arts, since he had a troublesome childhood due to his behavior. Victor Webster participated in a plethora of school acting plays and small dramas, which did give him a shine of the light as an actor somehow. 

Victor’s Stunning Martial arts career. 

Getting problematic in childhood due to this attitude, Webster started to learn martial arts. He easily made great records in kickboxing, one of the most noted for teenagers and then getting into full-time martial arts learning as well as teaching to others. Taking on the role of tutoring other learners for boxing with heavyweight and martial arts, he got into a new path. On achievements, he also holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He gave tough competition to anyone in the rings at that time that brought him two bronze medals with ease. After going from martial arts, Victor Webster got into heavyweight with his Tae Kwon Do under the No-Gi category.

Work in Acting and TV Series:

His first acting classes and plays were in the school days that garnered him with good acclaim. After leaving the work of a stockbroker, he took into magazines that got named as “All About Men”. That gave him the ultimate boost to pursue a true career in acting. Victor Webster as we know, got his first role in “Days of our Lives” and turned the first turning point of his career. He then got into Mutant X, which also was one of his first notable series that ran for 3 straight seasons. The series ended badly due to the rupture of Fireworks entertainment and the show ended with a bad ending. 

Webster’s career prominence with acting: 

Victor had a strong career in acting, due to which he was also listed as one of the 50 most eligible bachelors in “People” Magazine due to his strong success in the acting career. He was highly recognized due to high popularity both on TV and in the media. He made several appearances in other shows, series. In 2006, he worked in “Charmed” by playing the character of the coop and marrying Phoebe Halliwell at the end. Other notable works of Webster include working in Castle, Melrose Place, Criminal minds with a guest appearance in the final 5th season, harper’s island, Embrace of the vampire, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, Summer Villa and lot of other Movies that aired well on the Television. 

Victor Webster’s personal life:

Webster currently does not have any current relationships going on with any woman or any other actresses. Webster is keen on staying away from relationships for the present time, yet he had dated other notable actresses in the past, including the popular “Days of our Lives” actresses, Krista Allen. He currently is single and is focused to maintain his relationships far away from stage fame. He is not yet married and has no record of any children at all. 

Victor Webster’s girlfriend

Webster does not have any girlfriend at all, for the current time. Although during the time of shooting for Days of our Lives, he dated Krista Allen in the 90s who is also well known for her work in the same TV Drama Soap opera series and worked on another series named “Baywatch”. The news of their relationship was pretty much public.

Victor also dated several other actresses including Katrina Darrell, Katie Cleary, Monica Hansen and other popular names of the stage. Yet he still does not have any girlfriend nor any wife or children. 

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