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Alana, full born name Alanna Masterson was born on the 27th of June in 1988. Alanna is a 33 years old professional actress. Alanna appeared in great television shows and movies. However, her character of Tara Chambler rose her to prominence. Alanna played the character of Tara is one of the most popular television series named the walking dead. She is the only sister of famous personalities like Jordan Masterson, Danny Masterson, and Christopher Masterson. Alanna blazed the trail of her professional career in 2001, and she is still highly active in the film industry. 

Alanna made her debut by appearing in a television series named the young and restless. She played the character of colleen Carlton and appeared in two television series episodes. Alanna has not mesmerized her audience with her acting skills but also with her soothing aura and sizzling appearance. Alanna looks stunning in almost every public appearance, whether it is an award function or screening of a movie. If you love Alanna as much as we do, then follow us along to know more about her professional and personal life, like her body measurement and her dating history. So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump straight to the facts. 

Alanna Masterson’s Journey to Stardom!

Alanna Masterson was born on the 27th of June in 1988, and she was born and brought up in New York City. Alana’s brothers are very popular actors, and her brothers played a significant role in the acting journey of Alanna Masterson. Her father, Joe Reaiche, was a famous football rugby player. In addition, Alanna spent a lot of time with her elder brothers, Jordan Masterson, Danny Masterson, and Christopher Masterson. Alana’s television career is more prominent than her filmography career as she merely appeared in two films, foremost is peach plum pear and the second is afraid, in which she played the character of Alanna Meadows. Alanna blazed the trail of her professional television career by appearing in a television series named the Young and restless. Later she landed a role in television series named maybe. 

In 2006 she appeared as Heidi in the television series named Malcolm in the middle. After appearing in Malcolm in the middle, she appeared in television series like Greek, terminator, grey’s anatomy, and many more. Finally, in the year 2013, she acquired a significant breakthrough by landing the role of Tara Chambler in one of the most popular television series named the walking dead. She appeared in 56 television series episodes, and her role in the walking dead rose her to prominence. While appearing in the walking dead, she appeared in many other television series such as men at work, talking dead, midnight, mistress, and younger. Alana’s acting skills are ethereal as she can impress anyone with phenomenal expressions and screen appearance. 

Alanna Masterson’s Height and Weight!

Alanna Masterson’s body statistics add value to her acting skills. Alanna has great physic as she stands 5 feet 8 inches, and her listed bodyweight is 146 lbs which are 66 kilograms. Alana’s body weight matches perfectly with her body height. In addition, her body appearance makes Alanna perfect for almost any role. Alanna Masterson is fond of yoga, and she barely skips her workout routine. Her workout routine includes exercises like palate and bodyweight exercise. Alanna always prefers green leafy vegetables and healthy food over junk food.     

Alanna Masterson’s dating history!

Alanna Masterson is a closed book regarding relationship and dating status as she has always managed to keep her private life private. She was speculated to date many famous movies stars and television personalities. However, according to some sources, Alanna has been dating famous personality Brick Stowell for a long time. Alanna and Brick might announce their engagement very soon. 

Full born name: Alanna Masterson

Nicknames: Alanna 

Occupation: Actress 

Religion: Unknown 

Date of birth: the 27th of June, 1988 (age 33)

Birthplace: NY, United States 

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Father name:  Joe Reiche 

Mother name: Carol Masterson 

Sibling’s name: Jordan Masterson, Danny Masterson 

Spouse: None 

Children: 1

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Body Measurement

Alana has an exceedingly curvy figure which makes her look even more sizzling and sensual. Alanna body measurement and figure embrace her acting potential to the next level. Her body is measured as 37-28-37 inches or 94-71-94 centimetres. Her chest is measured as 37 inches, her waist is measured as 28 inches, and her hips are measured as 37 inches. Alanna flaunts her curvy figure in almost every public appearance. As mentioned ahead, she keeps her body fit through regular workout routines and healthy food. All the more, she prioritizes hydration in an enormous amount.

Bra and breast size

Alanna has a perfect set of assets, and she is one of the most sizzling television actresses ever to be existing. Her breast size is 37 inches, and a bra of size 34C fits her perfectly. Alanna’s appealing assets and stunning acting skills are the prominent reason for her huge fan base.  

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 146 lbs (66 kg)

Breast Size:  37 inches 

Bra Size: 34C

Cup size: C

Body Measurement: 37-28-37 in or 94-71-94 cm 

Figure: Curvy 

Chest size: 37 inches 

Waist size: 28 inches 

Hip’s size: 37 inches 

Dress size: 4 US

Shoe size: 8.5 US

Eye’s colour: Hazel

Hair colour:  Dark Brown

Natural breast or implants: Natural 

Have they gone Under Knife?

As mentioned ahead, Alanna is blessed with fascinating and appealing assets; due to these reasons; she was also rumoured of undergoing plastic surgery. She was rumoured of undergoing breast embracement and a nose job; however, none of these rumours has a solid foundation. All the more, according to some surgeons. 

All the changes in Alanna’s body are natural, and she did not undergo any plastic surgery. Alanna has never publically passed any statement regarding her plastic surgery or cosmetic embracement. 

Net worth

$2 million 


Favourite Sport: Golf 

Favourite Food: Cheese Sandwiches 

Favourite hobbies: Crochet 

Alanna is one of the famous television celebrities and actresses, and her character in the television series walking dead rose her to prominence. 

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