Alex Ow measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe, and bra size

Alex Ow is wonderfully known for being The Secret partner of Paul Abrahamian. She has revealed about having a bitter relationship with Kevin. Alex Ow became super popular after attending Big Brother Season 19. She appeared as a guest but later became a member of the show. Several celebrities, such as Jessica, frequently targeted Alex Ow in the show. But the big turn came into the Limelight when she was nominated to replace Meghan, who walked out from the show.

Alex Ow Life

Alex Ow was born in 1988 in California on 20th December. She is an American star to Asian parents. She has grown up in a grounded culture where other siblings. She has a lot of usual childhood memories with her siblings that are cherished today. Alex Ow has never been open about her family or flaunted on the social platform. But these days, she has become a very active only social platform and never misses any chance to share about the family portrait and tell people about her closeness with her parents and others. According to the show business, her parents are very proud of her and how she has moulded her career and future. She has outstanding education, and her institution background is not available in Public Information. Meanwhile, before entering big brother, she was the market representative of the Eco-Friendly business. She has worked as a marketing agent and given her best in the business.

How Did Alex Ow Get Famous?

Alex Ow was involved in the show business or industry as a social influencer, after which she became a passionate contestant on Big Brother. The extraordinary beauty participated in the show and got the public’s attention. Her excellent speech and physical activity give Rose a lot of popularity. However, she got the public attention due to heart judgmental behaviour and kind of attitude towards the house, which made that makes them a little irritated. According to the show’s content, she was excellent at bullying The Other participant in the house and had great strength to keep up with the physical activity required during the task. Alex Ow had an excellent time in the show and was constantly nominated by the other contestant due to tough competition. Meanwhile, she has never given up on the task after many nominations. 

Alex Ow’s Height And Weight 

Alex Ow has a perfect height which is more than the above female on the planet. She is five feet seven inches tall from head to toe. And the best part of her tall height is the elegance that comes on the silver screen. Meanwhile, due to her impressive height, her bones are heavier. She is 70 kgs in weight but very accurate and healthy from body parts. She patiently works in the gym and does yoga to keep her mind fresh. 

Alex Ow’s Dating History

Over a significant period, Alex Ow has maintained a decent profile in her dating life. She tries to keep everything low profile to keep people away from the knowledge. It is not available anywhere about her relationship status, whether she is dating somebody or is open for relation. Generally, the people or actress who keeps the missing information about love life does not want people to know about the boyfriend or the details of the person she is dating. It is believed that she is in relation from 2017 and went to Arizona in the united state to celebrate Christmas with her boyfriend’s family. Alex Ow has never mentioned the boyfriend or any detail in the tweet. She is very much fascinated about having a real future with the person who can make the relationship goals. She does not believe in making everything accurate but does not wants to have an unhealthy relationship. She enjoys typically time with family and loves being around them.

Full born name: Alex Ow

Nicknames: Alex

Occupation: Actress and Model

Religion: Christianity

Date of birth: 22nd December 1988

Birthplace: California

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Father name: N/A

Mother name: N/A

Sibling’s names: Steven and Andreya

Spouse/ Boyfriend: Unknown

Children: N/A

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Alex Ow’s Body Measurement

Alex Ow’s measurements of body are unknown to anybody with no assumptions. But her looks are sharp and can quickly bring attention.

Alex Ow’s Bra And Breast Size 

Alex Ow wears a comfortable bra of unknown size. But she likes buying a colourful bra to match the outfit but never neglects comfort as it is mandatory to feel relaxed in every outfit.

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 70 Kgs

Bra Size:  Unknown

Cup size: Unknown

Body Measurement: Unknown

Figure: Hourglass

Chest size: Unknown

Waist size: Unknown

 Hip’s size: Unknown

Dress size: 6 U.S.

Shoe size: 12.5 U.S.

Eye’s colour: Brown

Hair colour: Blonde

Natural Breast Or Implants: Natural

Have They Gone Under Knife?

No one can judge her original glow in front of any plastic rumours. Of course, there is a controversy that has been but never involved with plastic changes in the body. She is a passionate and honest person who doesn’t hide important things from the fans. She has cleared rumours about several subjects, and in future, if somebody tries to mock her for her facial elements. She may give an excellent response in her style to provide quick information. Therefore until the actress herself doesn’t provide the detail of plastic surgery. No one should bring the topic or mock the celebrity for entertainment.

Alex Ow’s Net Worth

Alex Ow is the most successful television reality star who is making money in good amount. It is believed that around $50 Million is the total calculation of her net worth in her name. It is acknowledged from the analysis that she is living incredible star life with luxurious electronic goods. She loves buying wealthy items and is obsessed with hygienic products. She keeps her house neat and well clean.

Social Media Followers

Alex Ow has a massive following on different platforms and earns from all directions. One would like to live her life as comfortable with lavish gadgets and a healthy environment. She has around 110000 followers on Instagram.


Hobbies: Painting

Favourite Sport: Basketball

Favourite Food: Burger

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