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Alexis Gaube is currently one of the most sizzling models. This hot model acquired attention after acting as a facial model for one of the characters of a famous video game named. The game in which her character appeared is Mortal Kombat, and she appeared in the 11th edition of this game. The character for which she served as a facial model is named jade. Alexis Gaube was born in America. The associated arts and labels of Alexis Gaube include Los Angeles Broadway-run models. All the more, she is also subjected to opting for the worldwide model CHO. Alexis acquired the limelight just after serving as a facial model in a nominal time range. 

The character of Alexis in this game is quite sizzling and looks precisely like Gaube. Besides acting as a facial model for the character of jade, she voiced over the character. Alexis has enticed everyone with her apparel and body features in every public appearance. If you love the character of jade in mortal Kombat, you should know some real-life facts about the facial model of this character. Follow us along to know everything about her personal life and the dating history of Alexis Gaube. 

Alexis Gaube’s Career!

Alexis Gaube’s full-born name is Alexis Mary Gaube. Alexis Mary Gaube was born in Dayton, United States. Alexis Gaube was highly passionate about acting since her childhood but later discovered her passion for modelling after a long period. Alexis is currently in her 20s, and she appeared in many beauty pageants and won almost half of them. 

Despite being exceedingly popular amongst the Mortal Kombat lover, she has a less follower base on her Instagram handle. Alexis Gaube only has 12.1 K followers, and she acquired the majority of the followers after appearing as a facial model in the game Mortal Kombat 11. In short, her character of jade in the mortal Kombat 11th edition rose her to prominence.

As per reports, Alexis Gaube will be featured in some movies. As discussed above, her associated acts include Mortal Kombat 11, Los Angeles Broadway runway, and global models. Alexis is a professional model, but her acting skills are also commendable. The way she walks on the ramp is fascinating. Her sizzling looks and perfect features is some of the primary reason behind her skyrocketing fan base.

 Undeniably she has not a huge follower base on social media, but many people are getting familiar with her existence. She is present on almost every social media, and for any business deal, you can contact her through her business e-mail id. The actress and professional model Alexis Gaube is about to get very famous.  

Alexis Gaube’s height and Weight

Alexis Gaube is beautiful and sizzling, and her physic accounts as one of the most exciting features overall. Alexis Gaube is taller than many females, and she is quite a full height. Alexis Gaube stands 5 feet 9 inches tall. Alexis Gaube’s listed bodyweight is 60 kilograms. The actress has completely matching height with her body weight. 

Alexis Gaube has maintained a very slim and curvy figure. Alexis seems to be working out daily as she is extremely fit; she was spotted performing Yoga publically many times. The physic of Alexis depicts that was fit entirely to serve as the facial model for Jade character in Mortal Kombat 11. 

Alexis Gaube’s dating history

Alexis Gaube acquired her entire education from the United States. However, Alexis has always been a closed book regarding relationships and dating history. In other words, she never publically disclosed any of her relationships unless she started dating Jacob Petway. After dating a few times, the couple got engaged with each other. As per reports, the couple is about to announce their marriage very soon, and they both currently reside in the United States.   

Full born name: Alexis Mary Gaube,

Nicknames: Mary 

Occupation: American professional facial model

Religion: Unknown 

Date of birth: Unknown 

Birthplace: Los Angeles

Zodiac sign: Cancer 

Father name:  Unknown 

Mother name: Unknown 

Sibling’s name: Unknown 

Spouse:  Jacob Petway

Children: None  

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Body Measurement

Alexis served as a facial model of jade in Mortal Kombat 11, and her face cut and body physique helped her significantly in getting this part. Alexis seems to have a very curvy body, and her body assets are just heavenly.

Alexis’s body is measured as 32-24-35.5 inches, her breasts are measured as 32 inches, her waistline is measured as 24 inches, and her hips are measured as 35.5 inches. Alexis has maintained a curvy figure with the help of a proper workout routine and a balanced diet. Her Instagram user name is lexi_mg, and she has more than twelve thousand followers. 

Bra and breast size 

As discussed above, Alexis has a highly curvy figure. Her breasts are measured as 32 inches, and she wears a bra of size 34B with a cup size of B. 

Height:  5ft 9ins

Weight: 60 kilogram

Breast Size:  32 inches 

Bra Size: 34 b

Cup size: B

Body Measurement: 32-24-35.5 

Figure: Slim curvy 

Chest size: 32 inches 

Waist size: 24 inches 

Hip’s size: 35.5 inches 

Dress size: 4 US

Shoe size: 8.5 US

Eye’s colour: Dark Brown 

Hair colour:  Dark Brown 

Natural breast or implants: Natural 

Have they gone Under Knife?

Alexis Gaube is equipped with a sizzling set of assets, and such facts have led to rumours of Alexis undergoing plastic surgery. But the television personality, actress and model Alexis Gaube has not undergone any plastic surgery so far. Instead, the professional plastic surgeons have claimed that Alexis Gaube has only undergone natural changes and has aged very gracefully. In short, there is nothing synthetic in Alexis Gaube’s body, and she is completely natural. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Alexis Gaube is $1 million  


Favourite Sport: Base 

Favourite Food: Chinese and Thai 

Favourite hobbies: Reading Novels 

Alexis Gaube served as a facial model in the game Mortal Kombat 11 for the character of jade. Jade is one of the prominent characters of Mortal Kombat 11th edition.   

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