An Overview of the Snowdrop Finale: Can Soo-ho and Yeong-ro withstand the Attacks?

From the beginning of Snowdrop, viewers have been invested in discovering whether lead characters Soo-ho as Jung Hae-in and Jisoo as Yeong-ro from BlackPink achieve their happily ever after. Many people are hoping that the show’s main characters end up together despite the show’s issues. Though disappointing, the series finale remains true to its beliefs and provides viewers with a moving conclusion. The show isn’t horrible, but the finale might have been better.

To what extent does Soo-ho fare in Snowdrop?

To put it simply, no. Yeong-safety ro’s is Soo-first ho’s priority, even as the ANSP agents fight back, assault, and prepare to blast the whole dorm. At the episode’s opening, soo-ho, Cheong-ya, and the other two North Korean troops try to escape on a stowaway boat. As ANSP agents hunted for Cheong-ya and Soo-ho, the trio eventually dispersed.

The dormitory’s caretaker is a genuine secret spy, and no one knows it except Soo-ho and his squad. His teammates, the people he sacrificed so much, have been killed in action. The elderly guy is following instructions from above, and he doesn’t care who gets hurt. Soo-ho finds out about their deaths and the increasing crisis outside the hostel, and he cannot leave Yeong-ro when she is in danger. He urges Cheong-ya that they should live a healthy and happy life away from their nation and all the poisonous manipulation done under the guise of patriotism.

In the last moments of Snowdrop, he returns to the hostel and helps Gang-mu and the ladies escape the developing danger. Yeong-ro stays by his side despite Gang-best mu’s efforts to get her to go. Even though Gang-mu has offered to remain behind to assist and distract the ANSP officers, Soo-ho is certain that Gang-mu can do more to assist the girls and Yeong-ro than he can. Both she and Soo-ho are unwilling to leave Yeong-ro without first ensuring the other is safe. She returns to him against Gang-best mu’s efforts and watches the ANSP kill him.

Snowdrop leaves up questions about a sequel

The conclusion of Snowdrop makes it quite evident that Yeong-ro and Soo-ho do not end up together. The show’s viewers are also left wondering what happened since it provides few answers. What happens to Soo-sister, ho’s, for example, and how far Cheon-ya travels are also mysteries that remain unanswered in Snowdrop.

The fact that Gang-mu and Han-na end up together happily is a bright spot in an otherwise bleak story. He also seems to have greater sympathy for Soo-ho and less tolerance for ANSP’s abuses. What happens to Yeong-stepmother ro’s after the story is likewise something the viewer is not exposed to. While the ANSP officers have been detained, the fates of the other participants remain unknown.

What are the odds of a sequel season to Snowdrop? Soo-sister ho’s and her trip might be the focus of a second season, which leaves room for such an exploration in the show’s finale. JTBC may not take a risk on the program anymore after all the controversy it’s been involved in.

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