Android Spy Apps for A Cheating Spouse

Android Spy Apps:

Android spy apps are available to help you monitor activity on your android phones and tablets. The information provided by these applications is anonymous and kept confidential. However, some restrictions may be placed on the recording of an activity by the android spy apps. The list of the restricted areas starts with GPS tracking and ends with recording videos. These android spy devices allow you to monitor and control mobile activity by browsing a web page anonymously. These android spy apps allow the users to browse any website anonymously. Click here to begin with one of the most useful spy app – pcTattletale.

What Exactly an Android Spy Apps Do?

Various other android spy apps are also available in the market for recording videos and pictures and viewing the internet on your android phones and tablets.

  • You can also read emails and text messages on your android devices secretly.
  • The screen of your android devices is wireless enabled and so it can access the internet wirelessly.
  • Some spy android phones are configured to automatically record all the activities.
  • The recorded content is sent to the concerned party over Bluetooth or internet connection.
  • These android spy apps are used by the spying agencies to keep a track of employees and business houses. It is a cheaper and easy way to control people.
  • The spy android spy apps do not require any additional installation and run silently in the background without being noticed.
  • The android spy phone records of calls made and receives live messages in the email boxes of the targeted phone.
  • The android spy apps work well in both, desktop and mobile computers. They run invisibly and report on any activity made.
  • They can be run as a background service or foreground service depending on the settings you have on your android spy phone or tablet.
  • It reports the usage history, applications installed and running, address book, contacts list, text messages received and outgoing, video recorder use and activity on the internet.
  • They help you to monitor the usage of your children, office workers and spouse.
  • They are completely legal and comply with the user’s privacy policy and do not collect any confidential information.

Benefits of Android Spy Apps:

The android spy apps provide several advantages.

  • You can monitor the use of your child’s phone.
  • You can find out whether he/she is using your cell phone in unsecured locations.
  • You can also monitor the use of your business phone by your employee.
  • You can stop your spouse from chatting with someone outside your marriage.

For your convenience, we are recommending pcTattletable as one of the most secure and reliable android spy app.

How Android Spy Apps Works?

The android spy apps are also available in the market for free. These programs are entirely legal and do not collect any confidential information. Let’s see how most of these functions:

  • You need to register first with the online service providers to access all the features. 
  • The android spy apps work well with the google account. You can receive email updates and text messages from any smartphone running on android platform.
  • The messages can be read on your android phone or on any other phone that is configured to receive and read emails.
  • The reports generated are encrypted and secure. You can store them on your computer or export them to another device.
  • The reports are delivered to you regularly in the form of PDF documents.

The advanced version can be configured to record voice messages, take screen shots and generate files in the PDF format. You can also get live updates on the status of your target Android mobile. The android spy program is easy to install and remove.


The android spy app allows you to control and view all activity made by the smartphone. It runs stealthily in the background without any icons visible. You need not inform anyone that you are tracking his or her activities with the android spy phone.

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