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Anna Semenovich, born Anna Grigorievna Semenovich, is a professional ice dancer, model, and singer. Besides being a skillful singer and Russian model, she is also talented. Anna is usually active in the pop genre. Anna also has an official website. The associated acts of this multitalented personality include blestyashchie. Anna has worked for the velvet Music label as well. Anna initiated her career in 2003, and for almost four years, she performed with a group. Later she started to explore career opportunities as a solo artist, and since then, she has been active in the industry as a solo artist. Anna’s filmography career comprises movies like Hitler goes Rzhevsky Versus Napolean.

 Anna is very popular as a singer, and she performed with many famous artists. The singing career of Anna rose her to prominence. If you love Anna just like us, confer the below-mentioned facts to know more about her professional and personal life. Here information mentioned also includes her body measurement and breast size. Let’s have a look. 

Anna Semenovich’s Journey to Stardom! 

Anna Semen, famous as Annie, was born in Moscow. She discovered her talent in ice dancing at a very young age. When she was young, Anna competed in many ice dancing competitions, and she made it to the final constantans in each competition. Earlier, she participated with Denis Samokhin, but this duo did not win any competitions. Later, Anna changed her skating partner and collaborated with Vladimir Fedorov. After partnering with Vladimir, the duo acquired the Finlandia trophy two times. Finally, after participating in many competitions together, Anna partnered up with Roman Kostomarov. 

She won a bronze medal in the official tournament with her new partner. The partnership of these two lasted for one year, and later she revived her partnership with Denis Samokhin. But unfortunately, in 2001, Anna could not continue as an ice dancer because she was injured while practicing for her next competition.

 The championship she appeared in is Russian Champ, World Championship, European Championship, Cup of Russia, and Russian Championship. In the Russian championship, she appeared with Kostomarov and was the first runner ups. While she was partners with Fedorov, she appeared in championships like the world cup, GP of Russia, NHK Trophy, Skate America, Skate Canada, Autumn Trophy, and Russian Champ. 

Subsequently, Anna took retirement from ice dancing; she explored more career streams. Finally, Anna started the trial of her post ice dancing career as a singer. At first, Anna performed with a group named Bletyashchiye. She continued with this band for almost four years. After leaving the musical group, she started her career as a solo artist. In a year, Anna released her album. One of the songs of Anna’s first album also featured Arash. Alongside their singing career, she acquired some acting jobs. As discussed above, her movie career includes two significant projects; the first is Hitler goes Kaput and Rzhevsky Versus Napolean.  

Anna Semenovich height and weight!

Anna nailed her role in the Rzhevsky Versus Napolean, and she looked more appropriate in character because of her extended statured height. Anna stands 5 feet 10 inches tall with a bodyweight of 64 kilograms. Anna is a dancer, and she always remains in shape; no one ever noticed Anna out of shape in any public appearance. She has not disclosed detailed facts about the diet plan and workout strategy, but she keeps things very simple regarding diet and workout routine.   

Anna Semenovich’s dating history!

Anna is an exceedingly sizzling and famous Russian actress and singer. However, Anna’s personal life never went public as she was not interested in talking about her personal life. Therefore, few sources have speculated that she is dating Daniil Mishin. 

The speculated dating history of Anna includes almost every ice dancer she has patterned up in ice dancing. She participated in ice dancing competitions at national and international levels with whom she participated are Denis Samokhin, Roman Kostomarov, Vladimir Fedorov, and Maxim Kachanoy. However, Anna has never approved these speculations as she barely talks about her personal life. 

Full born name: Anna Grigorievna Semenovich

Nicknames: Anna

Occupation: Ice dancer, model, singer, actress

Religion: Christian 

Date of birth: 1 March 1980 (age 41)

Birthplace: Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Zodiac sign: Pisces 

Father name:  Grigoriy Semenovich

Mother name:  Tatyana Semenovich

Sibling’s name: Unknown 

Spouse: None 

Children: None 

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Body Measurement

Despite being 42 years old, Anna has maintained an appealing voluptuous figure. Anna’s body is measured 43-27-38 in or 109-69-97 cm. Anna’s hips are 38 inches, and her chest is 43 inches. Her waistline depicts a very curvy and voluptuous figure as it is 27 inches. 

Anna’s old dance videos in the competition she participated in are proof of her immense flexibility and appealing figure. Dancing is still one of their hobbies of Anna, but the injury made her quit ice dancing.  

Bra and breast size 

Anna keeps flexing her appealing figure in public appearances. Her breast size is 43 inches, and a bra of size 38E fits her perfectly. But unfortunately, the cup size of her bra is E. 

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 140 lbs (64 kg)

Breast Size:  43 inches 

Bra Size: 38B

Cup size: B

Body Measurement: 43-27-38 in or 109-69-97 cm

Figure: Hourglass 

Chest size: 43 inches 

Waist size: 27 inches 

Hip’s size: 38 inches 

Dress size: 4 US

Shoe size: 9 US

Eye’s colour: Dark brown

Hair colour:  Blonde

Natural breast or implants: Natural 

Have they gone Under Knife?

Anna acquired the limelight because of her talent and perfect features. While Anna’s fan praises her authenticity, speculators keep talking about her plastic surgery rumours. Anna has undergone several plastic surgeries to get this perfect face per these people. Undeniably, Anna has never clarified these speculations, but it seems like the growth of her entire body is utterly natural.    

Net Worth

The net worth of Anna is $1 million 


Favourite Sport: Golf 

Favourite Food: Bacon and Pizza 

Favourite hobbies: Reading 

Anna is 42 years old professional actress. 

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