Are the Rumours True That Icierra, a TikTok Star, Died?

Icierra, who on TikTok goes by the name Cierra Green, is the most recent person to be the subject of an online rumor that she has passed away. As a result of the popularity of rumors about the deaths of celebrities that can be found on the internet, scams have become an ongoing thing among fandoms. When Icierra’s TikTok account was temporarily disabled, rumors of her death started to spread online. The 24-year-old TikToker rose to fame thanks to the gaming and cosplay videos she posted on her channel.

Who Is Icierra Green?

Cierra Green, real name Lizzie Smoree, is a 24-year-old social media sensation most known for her videos on the platforms Tiktok and YouTube. Her stage name also knows green. She is often called out as a racist on various social media platforms. She has approximately 294,000 followers on Tiktoking as this article was written. It has been brought to our attention that she is said to be an exceptional player, in addition to the fact that she posts many “Cosplay” movies online. Cierra Green was born on May 21 and now stays with her mother. One of her videos has the SpongeBob character Patrick Star, who is shown as escaping from Sandy Cheeks, a squirrel dressed in a bikini. The plot of the film is adapted to reflect her life.

Is Cierra Green still alive, or has she passed away?

No! Icierra’s license has not yet been revoked. She is said to have passed away, contrary to the tales floating about on clickbait websites and social media platforms, which should be considered false rumours. Following the sudden deactivation of her TikTok account with no prior notification to her huge fan base, speculations started to spread that she had passed away. Fortunately, the information she provided has given us reason to be optimistic.

Cierra’s scandals have attracted criticism

Although Cierra’s account was disabled, she was accused of uttering words that were both racially and homophobically insensitive, and she was also a party to a dispute involving online abuse. In a previous video, it was said that Cierra was diagnosed with autism with a moderate degree of severity. Even though the company did not provide a specific reason, it seems that Cierra’s account on TikTok was terminated as a direct consequence of the allegations. Since she was kicked from social media, Cierra has maintained almost complete silence, contributing to rumors that she has passed away.

Nevertheless, she may have started posting publicly from a post she made on Instagram. As a popular TikTok star for her avid gamer and cosplayer position, Cierra’s death is still mysterious. Furthermore, each allegation is false, and the rumor is based on absolutely no evidence. Icierra claims that the reason her Tiktok page was disabled was due to the many complaints that were lodged against her Tiktok account. Icierra has also launched a new Tiktok, where she has begged her followers to stop reporting her so that they can keep up with what she is doing.

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