Ariana Grande Deletes Instagram Photos After Social Media Backlash Over Asian Fishing, Details explored!

Several photographs of Ariana Grande that have been circulating on the internet have prompted a range of passionate responses from fans. Because of the celebrity singer’s immense success, many people on social media have the impression that she is “Asian fishing” for admirers. This year has been a very hectic one for the vocalist of Positions. Ariana Grande, a well-known pop singer, has just joined The Voice as a judge. This comes after she recently tied the knot and also joined the show’s judging team. After a few images from December 5 gained widespread attention, the actress removed several posts from her social media accounts. She appeared in the photos wearing a loose-fitting jacket and smiling for the camera. Unfortunately, a significant number of internet commenters found both the attire and the cosmetics that she wore to go with it to be offensive.

Controversies over Ariana Grande’s “Asian fishing” accusations

Similar to the tactic of blackfishing, Asian fishing is an attempt to deceive others into believing that one is of Asian descent. This often entails an obsessive preoccupation with the aesthetics of Asian countries. People who follow this technique often use various forms of cosmetic augmentation to achieve an East Asian look. They use photo editing tools to make themselves seem to be of Asian descent, which helps them perpetuate their deception.

 According to the accusations of a user on Reddit with the username u/teddyccino, the singer of Thank U, Next had an “overzealous eyebrow lift” that “changed the curve of her eyebrows from arched to straight,” which is a style that is popular in East Asia. According to the person, a “single-lid look” was apparently what Ariana Grande aimed for.

The user concluded that Ari studies Japanese and is interested in Japanese culture based on her Spirited Away tattoo, her improper Japanese tattoo, and her defense of the tattoo that followed. In the past, in addition to being accused of Asian fishing, Ariana Grande has also been accused of black fishing. Even though a significant proportion of internet users jumped on the “cancel culture” bandwagon, only a small number of vocal supporters rushed to her defense. 

What exactly is Asian fishing?

Many people will use the terms “blackfishing” and “Asian fishing” interchangeably. A person who has attempted to conceal the fact that they are not of Asian descent by claiming they have Asian heritage is referred to as a “whitewasher.” Because of this, efforts to sexualize or idealize Asians are often rejected by the area’s population. Even while Ariana has not yet responded to the criticism in a public forum, she has deleted the photos from her Instagram account, which strongly indicates that she is aware of the situation. On the other hand, not everyone criticizes the pop queen; some people have even praised her on the internet. As of this writing, Ariana Grande has not commented on the supposed illegal Asian fishing incident.

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