Adiz Benson measurements, bio, height, weight, shoe, and bra size

Adiz Benson was born in America in 1986 on 1 March. She is a beautiful daughter and an incredible human. After graduating and taking her education from a prestigious University, she came into the Limelight of Modelling. The first time she was spotted was by beauty and beholder. She became popular in the spotlight and was recognized by a celebrity fan. Adiz is regularly in terms of making an appearance in brand magazines and another debut walk. Apart from regularly working in the beauty sector, she was also part of a new project with a friend on social media. She was telecast in the Hip hop music video with other celebrities such as Jamie Foxx. 

How Did Adiz Bambi Benson Get Famous?

Adiz Benson is an American phenomenon model who has represented several brands. All her images are published in several magazines, but her personal life has never been appointed of debate. She met the handsome Darryl Richardson through a mutual friend. They share many things in common and celebrate their relationship like a sweet couple. In 2017, the priest blessed them to live a future with beautiful living and memory. And very next year, they welcome their first baby boy, whose name was later revealed as Breland. Adiz regularly shares the family image and picture of their beautiful son on the online platform. 

She is happy to celebrate all the fantastic marriage ideas and live on the social platform with her followers. However, his present husband had a daughter from another marriage living in California. Adiz does not have any problem because there happy to be together and does not allow any misunderstanding. It is excellent for her to have such a family who supports her in Modelling and has created a shelter of happiness.

Adiz Bambi Benson’s Height And Weight 

Adiz Benson is an American model; therefore, she has an extended height with exceptional original beauty. She looks beautiful at 5 feet 10 inches tall, and her overall body weight after a lot of meditation and yoga is 68 kg. In 2018 when she had her first baby boy, her curvy body turned into fat. But later, after recovering from the post-recovery of pregnancy, she returned to gymnastics and healthy yoga. She has given a quality of time to working out on the body to come back into the business of Modelling. She is in regular touch to fast workouts and a healthy diet.

Adiz Bambi Benson’s Dating History

Adiz Benson is happily married to fantastic wrapper Lil scrappy. 

Full born name: Adiz Bambi Benson 

Nicknames: Adiz and Bambi

Occupation: Actress and Model

Religion: Christianity

Date of birth: 1 March 1986

Birthplace: Compton, U.S.

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Father name: N.A.

Mother name: Cece Shaw

Sibling’s name: N.A.

Spouse/ Boyfriend: Lil Scrappy

Children: Breland

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Adiz Bambi Benson’s Body Measurement

Adiz Benson has amazing and unbelievable body measurements. People following her enjoy her beautiful figure, which is precisely 30-24-35 inches. It is not by birth that she is healthy, but through the dedication that she has put into her body, working out and getting into the shape that can easily attract people and business. She has promoted several beauty products, but she has never given a biased reaction. She is very thankful for the way she lives and has always wondered about being healthy and eating the products that can enhance her edges in healthy. It is imperative to think about the incredible Lifestyle with social living. She has several times shared the strict diet that she follows under the trainer’s instruction to maintain the size.

Adiz Bambi Benson’s Bra And Breast Size 

Adiz Benson is in show business, and it is essential to carry the output elegantly. She describes Modelling as a business where one has to understand the output that suits the body. Adiz has been the model for the Lingerie product. She has promoted her bra size, which is 30 inches for the company. After being a very versatile model, she also pays attention to giving quick information to people about being comfortable with the bra size and always deciding the outfit according to their assets. It is interesting how the models pay attention to every element of the body.

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 68 kg

Bra Size: 30

Cup size: N/A

Body Measurement: 30-24-35 in or 76-60-88 cm 

Figure: Hourglass

Chest size: 30 inches

Waist size: 24 inches

Hip’s size: 35 inches

Dress size: 6 U.S.

Shoe size: 7 U/K/

Eye’s colour: Dark Brown

Hair colour:  Dark Brown

Natural Breast Or Implants: Natural

Have They Gone Under Knife?

No, it is very clear from the natural beauty that she shows in the Modelling is not because of plastic treatment. Adiz has always thought of herself and focuses on being grateful for the success but not advertising any product with underconfidence. She has a terrific carriage and always gets tips from the people on being confident under the skin. So it is necessary to step forward and be more grateful for the type of colour and feature one has on the body.

Adiz Bambi Benson’s Net Worth

Adiz Benson is a valuable American model representing various modelling houses and women’s Lifestyles. She has made more than 3 million dollars by working daily to increase the network. Seeing her excellent living standard with valuable opportunities and impressive standards is incredible.

Social Media 

Adiz Benson is very active on the social platform. She like celebrating all the moments and sharing digital pictures on Instagram and Facebook. She has also joined the other social handles and is working on increasing followers’ size. The 3 million people are following her on social networking. The solid fan base motivates her to work hard. But few years the criticism by the people who started targetting her social life. But the other side of the followers came to the rescue and fought for her. She is currently living a luxurious life in California.


Adiz love celebrating the songs and raps of her husband. She is a great follower of female basketball players.

Hobbies: Tracking

Favourite Sport: Basketball

Favourite Food: Burger

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