Best Online OCR Tool to Scan Image to Text

Optical Character Recognition or OCR scans the text from any image file and converts it into editable text. This versatile ability of OCR technology makes it unique from other converters. Furthermore, its use is a child’s play even if you are a beginner. The OCR converter reads the data from the provided image and then converts it to an editable format where the users can easily edit the data according to their needs.

It is one of the most innovative tools developed that solves the difficulty of data management and storage. Data is the backbone of each business, but it can still be seen that it is not managed as efficiently as it should be. It’s nearly impossible to handle a large volume of data every day manually. That’s where the picture to text converter technology comes into use.

Optical Character Recognition or Image to text converter tool is a 21st-century innovation that should be in every office space.

Top Three Online OCR Tools

1.      OCR tool by SearchEngineReports

The picture to text converter by SearchEngineReports is one of the best options. Users can convert their scanned documents or images into high-quality text free of cost. It’s not just a free tool, but also offers the premium quality results. This tool is not language-specific. It supports multiple languages for the online image to text conversion. Users can get a resultant extracted text within seconds only by uploading the image or any scanned document.

This image to text converter is easy to use, 100% secure and maintains user privacy. It does not retain any history on its backend to keep user records. It only loads for the moment and then clears the history after providing results. This tool offers different ways to input your image file. You can upload an image from your pc and from Dropbox too. Moreover, if you need to get the text of an online image, you can upload that image’s URL to get results.

2.      Online OCR

OnlineOCR is one of the easiest and fastest ways to convert an image or PDF file into several different text formats. Without registration, the OCR tool allows you to convert up to 15 image files to text each hour. After registration, you can get access to many other features like multi-page PDF document conversion and more. This tool supports converting PDF, JPG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF formats, and outputs them as DOCX, XLSX, or TXT. This picture to text converter supports many languages as English, Russian and Portuguese, etc.

3.      NewOCR

The specialty of this tool is its coverage of almost 122 languages. By using online translators, this tool can translate different languages of an image and convert them into an editable format. This image to text converter tool can be accessed without paying a penny, and it also offers unlimited attempts. The result can be generated in multiple formats such as .doc or PDF, as required by the user. Another unique feature of this tool is that it allows users to convert specific areas of an image.

Benefits of Using OCR Tool

1.      Easily Accessible

When documents are stored electronically, you can access them within seconds. You don’t need to go through cabinets or drawers. Even if you’re on the go, web-based documents can be edited, transferred, copied, and printed in minutes. Similarly, you can convert your images into the text at any time and anywhere. You just need internet access and can have an unlimited photo to text conversions as you want.

2.      Cost-effective technology

This sort of technology usually used to costs a lot of money. Fortunately, today, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to use OCR technology. Affiliate marketers will not have to invest in data entry services and the cost of hiring employees whose only job is to manage paperwork. You can have a picture to text conversions free of charge by searching it over the web. Also, some premium images to text converter tools are available, but you can have any of them in a very reasonable and cost-effective package.

3.      Fast Conversion

Consider that you have to upload the text of a 500-page manually to the business website. This task might not end in weeks. The picture to text converter is a way to scan images and instantly convert them into resulting text files. This could be done through the OCR tool. After conversion, you can easily edit the file as per your need.

4.      Saves space

We all know that hard copy takes up a lot of space. Data in digital form can be utilized easily. The picture to text converter helps in saving space. Documents in digital format do not take up physical space at all. With document capture solutions, businesses and organizations can reclaim the square footage previously taken up by stacks of paper documents and convert them into more functional areas.

5.      Effort Savior

Many organizations such as libraries, hospitals, post offices, and other departments usually need to store and maintain records. If they use an image to word converter to convert their documents into a digital format that can be saved and edited as required, this can save them from putting in manual efforts. The effort of manual record-keeping can be avoided with a picture to text converter. This technology has proven to be genuinely innovative and time-saving.

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