Bob Baffert Measurements, Bio, Height, Weight, Shoe Size

When it comes to the best horse racing trainers of all time, Bob Baffert is certainly a name that pops up.
He is a true titan in the world of racing and managed to achieve incredible things in this highly
competitive sport.
Although his success story is well known, we are interested more in his life, physique, and how he
managed to climb the top of the horse racing world.
Highlighting his bio and measurements will give us some insights into what it takes to become a top
racehorse trainer. Does it take any unique characteristics or Bob Baffert is just a regular person like you
and me?
For most of us, it is a dream to meet Bob Baffert, but at his level of fame, that seems impossible. But
that doesn’t mean that we cannot imagine how he looks like based on the data we have about his
Let’s dive deeper into his personal life and uncover some interesting facts about his horse racing journey
and personal appearance.

Baffert’s Journey in Horse Racing

As you probably imagine, success in the Sport of Kings doesn’t come easy. That is also the case with Bob
Baffert. He didn’t wake up one day and decide to dominate the sport. No, no. He spent years being
involved with horses, which was a passion that was given to him by his parents.
Bob Baffert was born on January 13, 1953, in Nogales, Arizona, and since his early days, he has been
spending a lot of time on the racetrack thanks to his family’s involvement in quarter horses.
His father, Bill Baffert Sr. was mainly responsible for opening the horse racing gates for Bob Baffert, as
he owned and trained quarter horses, and Bob was there to help him.
In his early days, Bob Baffert started conditioning quarter horses, a nod to his roots, and managed to
quickly make a name for himself by winning several races. However, the highlight of his career is the
transition to thoroughbreds in the late 1980s, where he entered the big boys of the sport.
Bob Baffert quickly showed success in the world of thoroughbreds and the most impressive thing was
his ability to spot and develop a talent. It was only a few years, (in 1992 when he won his first Breeders’
Cup race, which put him on the world’s top trainer’s map.
Since 1997 up until now, he won 6 Kentucky Derby races, which is something very few trainers can say.
Sadly, he was suspended from the Kentucky Derby after his horse Medina Spirit failed a drug test in
This means that we won’t see him at this year’s Kentucky Derby for sure. But it is going to be an exciting
event with or without Baffert.
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Bob Baffert’s Physique

Bob Baffert is 5 feet 7 inches tall (171cm), which means that he is not the tallest in the room, but
certainly noticeable. He is not a big fellow, but also not the smallest one. In other words, Baffert is quite
average when it comes to height.
On the other hand, the weight of Bob Baffert seems like an enigma. Many sources indicate that he
weighs around 70kg, which is somewhat believable, although we’ve seen that he gained a bit of weight
in the past couple of years.
Maybe the celebrations of the Triple Crown wins were a bit too much leading to a small weight gain.
But nothing too drastic. Bob Baffert is in good shape considering his age, and it seems like the physical
involvement with horses really pays off.
Pro Tip: If you like to look good an old age, spend more time around horses.
When it comes to his shoe size, it is a bit like a Cinderella story. Nobody knows his shoe size, apart from
his wife obviously. But we can always make a best guess considering his height and weight.
According to the average Men’s shoe size guide, Bob Baffert is probably wearing a shoe size 7 to 7.5 (US)
or 40-41 (EU).

Personal Life

His personal life is just like his career, full of stories. He is married to a former television reporter Jill
Baffert, who has become an integral part of his life and career. However, this is not his first marriage.
He was married to Sherry Baffert, with whom he has four children: Canyon, Forest, Taylor, and
Savannah. With his current wife Jill Baffert, he has one son named Bode.

Net Worth

Bob Baffert has won two Triple Crowns and many other high-class races. This means that he won a lot of
money through being a trainer. According to Forbes, his current net worth sits at around $52 million.
He has more than 18 horses, $10 million in annual income, $1 million in training fees, and close to $30
million in assets.

Final Words

Bob Baffert is certainly a legend in the Sport of Kings, but when it comes to his physique, he is an
average man who is in good shape considering his years.
Let’s hope that Bob Baffert will continue with his passion for horses, and who knows, maybe he will train
another Triple Crown winner soon.

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