Bodybuilder John Meadows, aka Mountain Dog, passes away due to a pulmonary embolism, Details of his explored!

The legendary bodybuilder John Meadows, known as “Mountain Dog,” died suddenly on August 8, 2021, at the age of 49. A pulmonary embolism reportedly brought on his death, and it occurred while he was sleeping, as reported by Fitness Volt. On behalf of John Meadows’ wife, Mary Meadows, Brooke Nappo has verified the news. The previous year, John Meadows was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. Reportedly suffering from a blood “clotting issue,” he eventually got well. His wife and their identical twin boys are the only people who will remember him.

Examining the cause of death of John Meadows, nicknamed Mountain Dog

The unexpected passing of John Meadows has sent the whole world of bodybuilding into a state of shock. As was previously revealed, the 49-year-old died from a pulmonary embolism. The Mayo Clinic suggests that a probable obstruction in one of the pulmonary arteries of the lungs might lead to pulmonary embolism. This illness is brought on when a blood clot forms in a deep vein and travels through the body to the lungs. Blood coagulation disease, the underlying cause of John Meadows’ earlier cardiac arrest, was part of his medical history. Bodybuilder Mary Meadows came to Facebook in May 2020 to discuss an issue close to her heart. John Meadows’s wife disclosed at the time that he had two large blood clots on his arteries without any plaque build-up. The arteries were cleaned, but the doctors warned that the fitness champion would continue to suffer heart problems.

More informative details about John Meadows’ cardiac condition

According to reports, John Meadows’ heart problem was tied to his almost deadly colon ailment. The weightlifter was diagnosed with Idiopathic Myointimal Hyperplasia of the Mesenteric Vein, an uncommon condition affecting the intestines, back in 2005. He was transported to the hospital, where emergency surgery was required. As a result of the operation, his whole colon had to be taken out. The first operation on September 2005 was lifesaving, and they removed his whole colon.

In an old interview with Greatest Physiques, John Meadows revealed that the procedure caused him to have more health concerns. He said, “The surgery on September 2005 was lifesaving.” Several hernias were among the complications of the procedure itself, but by 2007 they had healed. Despite the challenges, John Meadows has made a full recovery and comeback. In spite of the serious health problems he was experiencing, he persevered in his efforts to develop a star career in bodybuilding.

Before his untimely death, the IFBB Pro bodybuilder coached future Olympia champions Shaun Clarida and Missy Truscott (who won the Fitness Olympia). Several members of the neighborhood looked up to John Meadows as a source of motivation. Fans and colleagues have gone to various social media platforms to express their condolences and pay honor to the icon. His passing will be felt deeply across the bodybuilding community, and his legacy will be treasured for years.

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