Brent Brown, Accused Rapist and Kidnapper of Student Madelyn Allen, What Happened to Madelyn Allen? Details Explored!

Madelyn Allen, the kidnapped victim, and her kidnapper, Brent Brown, are both in police custody in Utah. The victim was discovered in a coal bunker deep down. He chained her to a chair. Kik messaging and telephone software facilitated all of these criminal activities.

Everything you need to know about Kik App

Kik is a messaging program that allows its users to remain anonymous while corresponding with people who aren’t already in their immediate social circles. The software relies on internet access and needs registration with an email address to maintain user anonymity. Because of its massive user base, Kik now supports various conversation types and functions, including video chats, anonymous chats, anonymous group chats, media sharing, etc. Kik’s Terms of Service stipulate that users must be at least 13 years old to create an account. Because its anonymity may make it a dangerous tool in the wrong hands, Apple Store has restricted access to those aged 17 and older. According to Kik’s privacy policy, parents may contact customer service to have their child’s account deleted.

Who is Madelyn Allen?

Madelyn Allen, age 19, is a freshman at Snow College in Ephraim. With the messaging service Kik, Allen was able to meet Brent Brown. In the end, the app was responsible for bringing the two together. They agreed to get together that night, on December 13th. When Allen didn’t come back to the dorm that night, things quickly worsened. The next day, her housemates reported her missing. In the early evening of December 13th, at around 7:22 p.m., Allen was leaving the dorm. When her parents got an out-of-the-ordinary text message from Allen’s number, reading “I love you,” they called the police as well. They tracked Allen’s number to a spot 87 miles from Snow College. Officials spent a week looking for Allen’s college ID before discovering it at Brent Brown’s house in Utah, south of Ephraim.

Brent Brown Charged with Kidnapping and Sexual Abuse

Brent Brown, 39, was arrested after allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulting Madelyn Allen, a college student in her early 20s. According to the evidence, Brent Brown’s connection with Allen became a forced sexual assault when Ms. Allen realized she was being subjected to it without her choice. Brent told the police that he and Ms. Allen met in a Kik group conversation named “related sexual topics” and that everything he did to her was part of sexual role-playing, including tying her up so she couldn’t escape.

According to Ms. Allen’s sworn declaration, Brent threatened to harm her family if she tried to leave and took away her phone so she couldn’t contact her for assistance. Investigators eventually tracked down Brent Brown, but when they asked him to let them search his home, he refused and said the cops couldn’t get in without his parents’ consent. After waiting a while, police were granted permission to search, where they discovered Allen’s college ID and luggage, leading to his immediate arrest. As they looked in the cellar, they discovered Madelyn Allen bound to a chair and buried in coal along with abandoned clothing.

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