Can CBD Oil Expire Before the Recommended Date?

CBD oil does have an expiry date, just like most other ingestible products. As per labeling standards, the expiry date should be printed on the label. But can it expire before this date?

The shelf life of CBD hemp oil can vary depending on storage and a few other factors. Let’s find out how you can tell if your CBD oil is still good, and what will happen if you take it after expiry.

Does CBD Expire?

In short, yes. Most high-quality CBD oils can last 1-2 years, during which time most users find that they have used the whole thing. After all, CBD bottles can be pretty small.

The best CBD oil products last longer due to higher quality bottles. It’s essential to keep CBD oil in a cool, dark place to prevent it from degrading. Top brands therefore put their oils in darkened bottles to protect from sunlight.

The shelf life of any given CBD oil can vary depending on several other factors. For example:

·         Quality: Higher quality products tend to last longer due to the base ingredients. This includes both the hemp and the oil itself.

·         Extraction process: The way the cannabinoids are extracted can also impact quality. CO2 extraction is largely considered the best method because it keeps the compounds stable. It’s likely the best method for extending shelf life, too.

·         Packaging: As mentioned above, darkened bottles are best for keeping CBD fresh and potent. An airtight bottle is also vital.

·         Storage: The way the user stores CBD oil can affect its quality. Leaving it out will degrade it much faster, so be sure to store your CBD hemp oil in a cool, dark place. Screw the bottle top on firmly after each use.

Can It Expire Before the Recommended Date?

CBD can expire ahead of time, just like other foods and ingestible products. Sometimes, you might even peel the label off or forget the expiry date. Don’t worry, as there are some ways to tell if CBD has gone bad.

Some CBD products are more noticeable than others, such as edibles. CBD hemp oil, however, is a little more subtle.

Here are some ways to tell if your CBD has expired:

·         Bad smell: Fresh CBD oil should have an earthy smell. If there is a dank, skunky scent, then it’s most likely past its expiry date.

·         Murky oil: If the oil has turned thick and viscous or changed color, it is a bad sign. However, don’t panic if the oil has gone a bit cloudy; this can happen if it gets too cold. Sit the oil at room temperature for a few minutes to see if the cloudiness dissipates at all. If it doesn’t, then the oil may have degraded.

·         Rancid taste: Many users don’t love the taste of CBD oil. However, it should never taste “off” or rancid. The earthy, bitter flavors of fresh CBD oil are usually quite palatable. If it’s unbearable, then it’s best to avoid it.

Of course, obvious signs of mold and fuzz are also indicators that it’s time to throw out your CBD oil.

What Happens if You Take CBD After It Expires?

Fortunately, you’re unlikely to get sick after taking expired CBD oil. That is, of course, unless you’re using a moldy product.

Cannabinoids degrade over time, though, so you get less bang for your buck when using expired CBD oil.

If you can’t see anything overtly wrong with your CBD hemp oil but it’s been sitting in your cupboard for three years, it might be best to throw it away anyway. It’s better to use a fresh, potent product instead.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil can expire, but it typically has a long shelf life. As long as you correctly store your CBD products, there should be nothing to worry about.

Make sure you keep CBD oil well-sealed in its original packaging, storing it in a cool, dark place. You don’t need to keep it refrigerated; a cupboard will do.

The good news is that you are unlikely to get sick after taking a little bit of expired CBD oil. However, if you do encounter an expired bottle, be sure to check for signs of mold and discoloration before consuming.

At the end of the day, a fresh bottle is always best.

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