Can Playing Games Help You Develop Other Skills

Gaming has become one of the fastest-growing pastimes and hobbies of our times, with over 220 million gamers playing some form of online or internet-based game across the USA every year. Furthermore, gaming has moved to be seen in a much more positive light from a position whereby it was seen as an antisocial or introverted behavior to one that is now used to directly communicate with others. It was a pastime that had previously been regarded as having more disadvantages than advantages. Times are changing, and it’s clear that gaming is able to enhance and develop a whole skill set that can be developed and learned over time. It is these skills that this article will focus on as we see how online gamers, e-sports players, and casino players begin to develop the skills and characteristics as discussed below.

Decision making

Being able to make decisions in the game is an essential requirement of gaming. Decision-making as to which way to go, how long to play for, the strategy you go with when playing jackpot casino games at, or how to get through the various levels in the game all require the gamer to make the right decisions at the right time. It’s a skill that is essential in the real world, and the decision-making in gameplay may even be more stressful. As such, it develops the skills to make good decisions in stressful or exciting times. These skills are very much in demand in the workplace and are being honed by gamers for hours on end. Decision-making is also improved as memory improves, allowing players to be able to make decisions based on previous learnings and in-game experiences, hence better-informed decisions.

Communication skills

If you’re playing a multi-player adventure or team game, you need to be able to communicate with team members and other players alike. A multi-player adventure game such as Dota2 will even score and rank you according to how well you communicate with other players. These in-game communications are key skills that will be required going forward in the world of business and work and, as such, are a splendid example of a vital skill that can be learned and practiced while gaming. Multi-player games have become the epitome of team sports, and inherent in this is the high level of communication that is required to do well in the game. The simple practice of listening to the game instructions and then being able to follow these are at the core of most gaming, and these are life skills that all of us will need.

Furthermore and directly related to the communication required to game successfully is the fact that for many, the game and the surrounding social media becomes a friendly place where increased social skills are learned and developed by gamers. It thus allows for the increase in self-confidence as people are able to communicate and socialize with others related to a game that they know and like.

Strategic thinking is enhanced

Being able to maneuver and scheme your way through the game is essentially good for your cognitive and thinking skills, especially the ability to strategize and plan long term. Strategic thinking and problem-solving are key skills in demand in the business sector and are also guaranteed spin-offs from playing the adventure and strategy-styled games. Whether it’s deciding who to team up with in the Clash of Clans or how to reach the hardest level, these are strategic decisions that gaming will allow you to practice making, the end goal being to develop and improve your strategic thinking for all life decisions. Plus, the great thing is that you won’t even feel like you are learning.

The physical capabilities that can be improved by gaming

Hand-eye coordination, improved reflexes, better vision, and speed can all be developed by gaming. Both fine and gross motor skills are required by most games, as well as visual perception, to be able to judge depth perception and distance.

So, yes, indeed, there are skills that gaming can develop and build upon. Many more have been mentioned herein, but these are the obvious ones that many writers and researchers have acknowledged and accepted. Video gaming and online gambling have changed incredibly based on the technology that is now available and the professionalization of the gaming sector. It is now widely accepted that those who play such games are able to develop numerous skills that will stand them in good stead in the world of work.

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