Choosing Siding for the Facade of the House: an Overview of the Types of Siding

When moving into a new home or planning to renovate an old home, homeowners have increasingly opted to replace traditional material such as timber cladding with a new generation of finishing material. We are talking about siding. Using this material, you can not only achieve an attractive and neat look of your home but also reduce the time for repair work.

Each homeowner who has made a choice in favor of this finishing material just has to find where to buy this finishing material and deliver it to the place of living. You can choose from one of the best suppliers of siding Ottawa. On the supplier’s website, you can choose one of the types of siding you like, which we will discuss below.

In this regard, we will talk about the characteristics and advantages of each type of this finishing material so that you can quickly make a buying decision.

In general

This type of material is convenient in that it consists of separate panels, which subsequently need to be connected. The connection design is especially convenient. If you are engaged in carrying out repair work around the house, then it will not be difficult for you to do this.


One of the obvious advantages of this finishing material is that different types of siding can imitate valuable tree species, natural stone, or brick. This allows you to save on the purchase of expensive materials.

In addition, there are other advantages:

  • The material is lightweight, which does not cause difficulties during its installation;
  • It is environmentally friendly;
  • Housewives will appreciate how easy it is to keep the facade of the building clean using this finishing material;
  • Facing the facade will be easy and will not take you much time;
  • With it, you can hide any flaws present on the outside of the house.

Purchase Options


This type has a lot of advantageous qualities, which no owner can pass by who wants to acquire not only beautiful but also practical finishing material. The outer side of this type is made in such a way that no impacts will spoil the look of your home. The inner side is flexible, resilient, and durable.

You can also note the following advantages:

  • This type of material is distinguished by such quality as resistance to the development of combustion processes;
  • It is resistant to moisture and chemical attack’
  • The chosen color will remain saturated for many years;
  • Belongs to the budget price category;
  • It is resistant to various weather conditions.


An even cheaper type of siding than the previous type is acrylic siding. It has the same positive characteristics as the vinyl finishing material, but it is also able to please with other advantages:

  • It has great resistance to UV exposure;
  • The one-piece construction will remain solid and you won’t notice any loosening where the panels join together;
  • The stability of the panels is maintained even at a temperature of +80°C;
  • Remains unaffected by organic solvents;
  • In places of heating, there is less emission of harmful substances;
  • The service life is more than 40 years.


The next type of finishing material is particularly reliable and durable, as well as strong and less susceptible to external influences. By purchasing this type of siding, you can make your house front look like natural stone, wood, or brick.

Basically, the owners buy this type of material to protect the most vulnerable part of the building. However, more and more often we can see how the wood siding is used to clad the entire facade of the house.

Fiber Cement

Although this type of siding is made from cement and additional materials that give it ruggedness, it looks like natural wood. In this regard, nature lovers can create a natural look at home at a low cost.

Material advantages:

  • The service life is more than 45 years;
  • Painting of the coating will be required no earlier than in a decade;
  • It tolerates temperature changes well and also retains its aesthetic appearance and integrity even in the most severe cold;
  • It is non-flammable and does not release any toxic substances into the atmosphere.


In addition to natural materials, people like it when the facade of the house has a metal look. In comparison with the first type of siding, this one has the following advantages:

  • It is especially durable;
  • Has a longer service life;
  • Does not ignite.


Choosing inexpensive finishing materials for the facade of the house, you can pay attention to the siding. There are various types of this finishing material. Each of them has special advantages.

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