Christopher De La Cruz dies after breaking his neck jumping a subway turnstile, Details explored!

Authorities in New York said a young guy from Queens died after he flipped over a subway turnstile and hit his skull on the ground below. Christopher De La Cruz, 28 years old, has been named the suspect. The New York Daily News and the Forest Hills Post quote police sources saying they suspect De La Cruz fractured his neck in the fall.

Surveillance video shows De La Cruz repeatedly jumping over the turnstile

According to the New York Post, De La Cruz boarded a subway train at the Forest Hills-71st Avenue stops around 6:45 on Sunday, January 2. New York Daily News surveillance footage shows De La Cruz attempting to get through a turnstile while wearing a rucksack. This is his first effort, and he immediately falls and falls. Picture him crouched over the turnstile with his knees up to his chest. Then he stands up and switches lanes. At least four times, De La Cruz attempts to jump over the turnstile but fails because he cannot lift his legs over the bar.

De La Cruz was reported by the Daily News to have shaky footing. As the news article describes it, De La Cruz ultimately loses his composure and slams his waist onto the bar. He loses his balance and falls face down on the floor. Unfortunately, the Daily News cut out this crucial scene before it faded to black in the released video.

Officials ruled De La Cruz dead at the scene and ordered an autopsy

On impact, De La Cruz landed on the pavement with his head first. Police think De La Cruz’s neck was broken in the collision, as the Forest Hills Post reported. According to the article, when police arrived at the subway station, they discovered De La Cruz unconscious. He was pronounced dead at the site by emergency personnel.

According to the Daily News, an autopsy will determine the cause of death. The Daily News reports that De La Cruz was found in East Elmhurst, where he resides, by police. In northern Queens, near the Forest Hills-71st Avenue subway station, you’ll find East Elmhurst. The only Christopher De La Cruz listed in any internet databases is a 28-year-old with an East Elmhurst residence. There are no references or connected social media accounts.

Why did Christopher De La Cruz leap the turnstile?

It seems that the metro rider made an effort to avoid paying the $2.75 fare. Jose De La Cruz, Christopher’s father, spoke about the tragedy to the Daily Mail. To say the least. It was his fault; he messed up. Christopher De La Cruz has a son, the Daily News reports. His East Elmhurst address is the only known information about him now. Between July 2020 and September 2020, 15% of passengers jumped the turnstile, as the New York Post reported. About $38 million in income was lost by the New York City Subway. If you don’t pay the fine for your ticket, you might face arrest or deportation. DNA data shows that although most arrests occur in Manhattan, approximately 9% are in Queens. Fare jumpers are no longer prosecuted in Manhattan as of February 2018.

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