Cooking Crush: Entice Your Taste Buds With Cooking Games 2021

They say cheese is the oldest food known in history and people have still not got over the delicious creaminess and aroma of it. Since ancient times, countless foods have been discovered and invented by chefs and amateurs alike. It has been my dream to get familiarized with all the different kinds of food – the steps taken to create them and the ingredients that shape their existence.

My dream requires spending a lot of time in the kitchen and using a lot of ingredients. However, I do not want to waste so much resources.

Go Green With Cooking Crush

Cooking Crush is one of the bestcompletely free restaurant games of 2021 that is available on both Android and iOS. The game enables the player to cook all kinds of foods from around the world with virtual ingredients so the player does not have to worry about being wasteful!

Moreover, the game still has a system of limiting ingredients by making the player buy ingredients with in-game currency. This money is earned through hard work and sweat, and it teaches the player to respect work ethic.

Pastel Pastries and Cakes

Prettypastel-colored cakes and pastries will make your mouth water and trigger your sugar tooth. You can make delicious sweet and delectable things in the Cake Corner bakery. Whether the occasion is a birthday or an anniversary celebration, your customers will never get tired of your secret recipes and refined bakery items. You can bet your frosting that your cakes are famous throughout the city of Heartopia!

Hash Browns Are Good But Classic Toast Is Better!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there are so many options to choose from. However, there is something about classics that give them a golden appeal. A hot cup of Joe and some crispy toast will make anyone’s mouth water. Perfect the classic breakfast duo in Crème Café.

Toast does not have to be boring, pair it with a dollop of cream and some yummy strawberries to give it that burst of freshness. Your customers will be good to start their day with plenty of energy.

Roses Are Red, Customers Should Be Quickly Fed

Cooking Crush: Kitchen games is a simulation of a running restaurant where you pose as the main chef. However, there is a catch. You are also greeting the customers and taking their orders. The quicker you finish their order, the happier the customer leaves. A happier customer leaves more tips so it is in your best interest to move as quickly as possible.

Since you have limited resources and tools, you have to strategically prepare the food so that you finish the maximum number of orders – without burning anything or wasting ingredients – and serve your customers before they leave in a bad mood. All these tasks enhance your time management skills which are very important in real life.

Cooking Crush Will Leave You Tickled Pink

The friendly game plot and colorful graphics will boost your mood. The game makers strive to increase their players’ serotonin levels through their daily happiness challenges. It is a separate in-game challenge that lets the player earn money in Heartopia by meditating in real life. You will have to breathe deeply, smile, name some blessings and be at peace to win. The money you earn upon completion of these tasks can be used to purchase items for use in your restaurant.

What do I think of Cooking Crush?

  • Cooking Crush allows me to work on my dream. I highly recommend it.
  • The game publishers, Flowmotion Entertainment Incorporated, have been working since 2014 to bring their players the best experience. They have also previously published games like Kitchen Craze and Cook It!
  • Dario Pavan and Ryan Yada, co-founders of Flowmotion Entertainment Inc., pay a portion of the revenue from Cooking Crush to support a charity for feeding hungry kids worldwide. Together with Backpack Buddies, they have provided over 45,000 meals!
  • I think very highly of Cooking Crush.
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