DaBaby received backlash for making homophobic remarks at the Rolling Loud concert, Rapper’s homophobic scandal explained

During his performance at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami, the rapper drew criticism for allegedly uttering homophobic comments. On Sunday night, July 25th, during the 2021 Rolling Loud Miami music event, DaBaby made homophobic remarks during his address. T.I. was criticised when he defended DaBaby, who had made homophobic comments at the Rolling Loud Festival. Rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk of Charlotte, North Carolina, is facing controversy about his statements about the homosexual community and those with HIV/AIDS. Chris Brown, Madonna, Elton John, and Questlove are just a few celebrities who have spoken out against the rapper’s remarks. As a result of his homophobic remarks, DaBaby has been removed from the lineups of BooHoo Man and the UK’s Parklife event, among other projects.

At Miami’s Rolling Loud Festival, what did DaBaby say?

DaBaby can be heard on film encouraging the audience to raise their phone lights in front of the stage if they are not infected with HIV or AIDS or another sexually transmitted illness that would cause their death within two to three weeks.

When asked about the criticism, what did DaBaby say?

In a string of 19 videos, DaBaby bet the farm on Instagram. The rapper begged his opponents to shut up, saying, “What I do at a live show is for the audience.” Someone watching a five- or six-second clip on their phone at home will never get the full effect. The world doesn’t function that way. Because, whatever you’re talking about and whatever the internet misconstrued my statements, I and all of my fans (both gay and straight) showed up to the concert. Dbaby included. Rapper stated, “I’m talking about my boy that was at the front of stage left, where I jumped Ask him,” indicating that there were homosexual admirers in the audience that appreciated the event.

He recorded all night and got some good snippets. All night long, we had our heads turned. In the front row, my son was sporting a crop top. He was well out in the forest, swimming about. He’s on the outside, perched on the rail, and hilarious. The lyric sheet is not necessary for him. I’m using ’em to rap. Rage was not what he intended, to give it its proper name. For the simple reason that I work in the field of live performance. I provide the greatest live performances. The killer of live performances is me. You talk to your followers. Do you understand what I’m saying? Lights were on for everyone, gay and straight alike. Want to know why? Simply said, not even my homosexual admirers have AIDS. Those people don’t have AIDS. They can take care of themselves.

Therefore, my homosexual admirers aren’t interested. They’re not the kind of LGBT people that are cruel to others. No one you see on the street is an addict. Put your phone’s flash on if you’re not in the parking lot, I warned. What did my homosexual admirers do? Turn on the light. My LGBT following isn’t buying it. They’re refined. Get a room, preferably at a nice five-star hotel. Even my homosexual followers have to follow the rules.

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