Danny Duncan’s ex-employee claims abuse, Danny Duncan says Sunhatkid fabricated abuse charges for influence, Details explored!

Danny Duncan has addressed the claims made by SunhatKid against him. SunhatKid, alias Aaron Hall, has accused him of physical assault for the last three days. He claims that Duncan placed a knife on his neck. But he insists that Hall is not telling the truth and is lying about it. But he also disclosed that Hall’s film was a money-making stunt designed to boost Hall’s reputation. To the same effect, he released audio recordings of the two of them in which SunhatKid takes responsibility for sparking the conflict.

Who is Danny Duncan?

As for Duncan, he was born and raised in the Florida town of Englewood. The year he left Lemon Bay High School, in 2010, he was a graduate. Walgreens was his first workplace. In addition, he excels in sports to a high degree. He competed in triathlons in 2014. Then, he helped the area’s youngsters as a coach for the Florida Elite Track Club. He began training to become a professional skateboarder soon after graduating high school. Beginning in 2014, he skyrocketed to fame on the skateboarding scene. Consequently, he uprooted to Los Angeles in pursuit of professional opportunities.

What exactly were the allegations made against Danny Duncan?

On December 1st, the SunhatKid went on YouTube to explain what had happened between him and Danny Duncan to cause them to stop being friends. As many unpleasant times as he had with Danny Duncan, he detailed them all. He claimed that he was subjected to constant verbal abuse. More specifically, SunHatKid said that Duncan forced him to stop following a large number of YouTubers.

According to the available evidence, Duncan was unwilling to work with them. He also coerced SunHatKid into signing a similar ten-year pact. He claimed that Duncan had stolen 20% of his pay. Then he elaborated on how Duncan had mistreated him physically. SunHatKid’s beatings caused him to bleed and swell up. When he failed to execute a skateboarding trick correctly, the physical assault continued, he said. SunHatKid claims that Duncan later threatened his life by holding a knife to his neck in a stall. Some Twitter users vented their frustration at Duncan. People no longer hold him in high regard.

How did Danny Duncan respond to those charges?

In response to SunHatKid’s accusations, YouTuber Danny Duncan posted a response on his channel. To refute the allegations of mistreatment, he posted a video online. His former employee Aaron “SunhatKid” Hall, reported incidences that made Danny Duncan seem bad. Danny Duncan said that his clashes with SunHatKid were all in good fun. But he didn’t anticipate that SunHatKid would use it as a weapon to discredit him. He also refuted the false accusation that he coerced SunHatKid into unfollowing various artists. SunHatKid has never been physically abused.

Duncan, the accused YouTuber, believes SunHatKid fabricated the allegations against him to boost his profile. He said he intentionally made the accusations to gain influence. In answer, all SunHatKid said was, “Duncan is lying.” He still maintains his accusations against Duncan. This has thus sparked an open conflict between the two YouTubers. There is a lack of solid evidence supporting the claims made on Youtube. Thus viewers are split on who to trust.

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