Destiny 2 shattered throne map

The Destiny 2 shattered throne map comes new into the Destiny 2: Forsaken game, which seems to be completely new for the old players. The whisper missions may be similar to the shattered throne map, that grants the Whisper of the worn exotic and the solution comes off good. Aside, this new gameplay of the map is a hard one, and completing it would be a headache for most gamers. With tons of secrets and new ways to go into, we will here guide you completely on how to ace the map and get the kills. You also have to claim the wish-ender bow for yourself in it. 

The labyrinth entrance 

Typically easy to complete, but a timely task, all you need to do is to move into the arena that comes before you when entering the dungeon. Then enter into the big building, there is the labyrinth architect. A white glowing symbol will appear once you finish off the enemy and whatever comes around it. The symbol that shows will direct you to match carved symbol. Then kill the enemies on bird fly down and claim your loot. 

The Decent entrance

Take out all below enemies with a long precision weapon. Then climb the stairs, to find Taken captain and yes, kill him, his enemies, open the door. The clear the hallway too and go left. Then comes the ogres that will try to kill you but clear them, just like you did before. Take the long way to avoid casualties. Follow the path towards the taken film, move slowly. Then comes to the catch with taken thrall and your health will not increase. Get to the end and walk out. Then jump up the wall, take some weapons, and head to the boss fight. 

The Vorgeth

Gear up, this is your hard fight. After the wizards and their slaves comes, then the vorgeth which is a huge ogre to kill you. Kill the wizards, collect the buff, and then kill vorgeth. For simple tackling, take out void shields and kill the wizards easily. 

The Climb 

Killing vorgeth might have hurt you like a real arrow does as his did, then greet Sjur Fido statue. This starts the quest to find the wish ender bow. Then run, until the wizards appear, then jump to the top. Kill the enemies, do so until you reach a dead end. Go through the Taken Hobgobblins and reach two lifts. There you will get the final boss to kill the shattered throne.

The Dul Incaru

She is easy to kill, but not her three knights and an entire army of Psions. Clear the room of Psions, then deal with the knights with a formation and avoid the fire of Dul incaru. Use huge ammunition to kill them fast. Then Dul Incaru will summon the crystal to protect the knights but then kill the crystal first, with another wave of Psions. Then all you have to kill Dul Incaru and one she dies, your claim of the Shattered Throne is complete. 

Well, the shattered throne isn’t that at all hard to play and win the battles, once you know how to do it, it’s a piece of cake. 

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