Diane Addonizio personal life, career, and Net worth

Diane Addonizio is earlier known as the wife of a former professional national footballer and also an actor Howard Matthew Moses. He was a very good footballer and was a player of the national football league. Apart from that, dad has a unique personality now. She is well-known as the mother of three professional national footballers of America. Their names are Chris Long, Kyle Long and Howie Long Jr. 

Personal life

Diane Addonizio was born in Red Bank, New Jersey, in the US. It is believed that a family was a very religious type, and therefore, they have had traditional values on their priorities. It is said that she was from a catholic family, and therefore, religion and beliefs were of high importance in their family. When it comes to studies and education, she was educated from Villanova University, which is situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It is a very well-known and popular private Catholic research University. After doing her graduation from this University, she got admission in the USC Gould School of Law and received a lawyer’s graduate degree from this school.

Talking about her relationships, she’s a married woman now. She got married to Howie Long; It was a very popular football player in America. And he had a huge fan base, and now he is retired. But still, he has a very future fan following even after retirement. They both got married in 1982 on 7th June. And that was believed to be a very supportive wife for her husband and has been with him during ups and downs of her husband’s life. Most of the celebrities do not stay with one partner for a very long time but Diane Addonizio, being a very supportive wife, has been the main reason for such a long-lasting relationship with her footballer husband.

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Diane Addonizio is not considered to be very popular for his professional life. It is because she believes in keeping her personal life details away from the media and social handle of hers. She began her career as a professional lawyer. She started practising Law after being graduated from USC School of Law and took part in various controversial cases as well. Now, she’s out of practice, and it’s been a while since she had taken over any case.

It is from the time that her children became professional footballers and she left practising Law. And she practised as a lawyer only for a few years after our children got selected in the national football team. She was a very successful lawyer of a time, but as time passed, she lost her recognition and only had a personality known as the mother of three successful football players.

Net worth

If we look at the fact that she has kept her personal and professional life private to a very long extent, it is a little hard to estimate her net worth. Considering her sole income source, it is estimated that her net worth could be around $1 million. 

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