Don Lewis? Carole Baskin’s ex-husband, who had gone missing, was reportedly found alive

Don Lewis, who used to be married to Carole Baskin, has reportedly been found alive in Costa Rica. The first season of the Netflix docuseries shed light on how he went missing, and Joe Exotic, who played Tiger King, brought up Carole Baskin’s role. He denied everything that was being said about him.

Since there was no legal evidence against Big Cat Rescue’s founder, the police ruled out foul play. Tiger King 2 made people think about what happened to Don Lewis again. Joseph Fritz, who represents Lewis, said a police officer told him where Don was. It was said that the billionaire was “alive and well” in Costa Rica under a new name.

Don Lewis, who used to be married to Carole Baskin, went missing

Carole Baskin and Don Lewis set up Big Cat Rescue in 1992. Both of them wanted to use the refuge for good, but one of them also wanted to make money from it. After he had been married for a few years, Don went to Costa Rica to do business. Some people said that the billionaire in real estate had other women. Gladys said that he was going to get a divorce from Carole soon after they got married.

On August 18, 1997, at 6 a.m., the billionaire left for work and never returned. Carole Baskin told the police the next day that her husband was missing and said he was going to Costa Rica.

On August 20, 1997, police found Don’s van near Spring Hill. The billionaire had a lot of private jets, but they kept breaking down, so his licence was taken away. Officials at the airport said the missing person wasn’t at the airport on the day he went missing.

Carole Baskin told the police that Don Lewis had trouble remembering things before he went missing. She said that the millionaire forgot names and places and bought useless things. Baskin’s claims about Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness were shot down by Lewis’s lawyer, Joe Fritz. He said that Don’s mental decline was real and that he sued Carole after she allegedly threatened to kill him. Court denied the request.

Joe Fritz heard that Don was killed in the air and thrown into the water on the day he went missing. Carole didn’t believe the stories and thought there had been a crash. She said that Don borrowed money from the mafia in Costa Rica, but he was never caught there. Officials also said that he hasn’t used his credit card since he went missing. Don Lewis gave his secretary Anne McQueen $5 million, which included a $1.25 million life insurance policy. They had worked together for 18 years. Carole Baskin and Don’s children went to court over his assets, and Don’s children won $1 million.

Carole Baskin talks about what happened with Don Lewis

Many people are shocked by the news about Don Lewis. Carole Baskin said on ITV’s This Morning that she was “happy” to hear that Don was supposedly still alive, even though it was “impossible” for him.

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