Eve and her husband, Maximillion Cooper, welcome their first child, Net Worth and personal details explored!

Maximillion “Max” Cooper of Britain’s business world is expecting his first child with his wife Eve. Recently, the latter went to Instagram to announce her pregnancy and the projected due date of their child: February 2022. The singer and entrepreneur expect their first biological child together, but she is already stepmother to four of Cooper’s children from a previous relationship. Together for four years, Maximillion Cooper and Eve finally sealed the wedding in June 2014. In addition to his ex-wife Julie Brangstrup, the Gumball 3000 creator is also a father to their children Lotus (19), Jagger (17), Cash (15), and Mini (13).

Maximillion Cooper’s Net Worth details in 2023

The British businessman, racing racer, and skateboarder Maximillion Cooper. He founded Gumball 3000, a consortium of enterprises that owns a clothing brand, a recognised charity, and the annual celebrity automobile rally on public highways. The businessman is said to be worth an estimated $60 million by Celebrity Net Worth. His successful business is the main source of income for him and his family. The 49-year-old launched the firm in 1999, combining his passions for vehicles, culture, fashion, and music. The firm has made money through Puma, Adidas, and Nixon partnerships and individual sales.

Several card and video games, as well as movies like Gumball 3000: The Movie, Gumball 3000: 6 Days in May, and Gumball 3000: Live in 2006, have been published based on the series. Maximillion Cooper made money in areas outside of his primary industry as well. In the past, he has also served as a skateboarder and racing competitor. In addition to his successful business career, the well-known entrepreneur has used his wealth to support charitable causes. To aid poor youngsters in the UK, he set up a charity known as Gumball 3000. 

Maximillion Cooper created Gumball 300

The first rally was a road trip with friends, but it quickly shifted to a campaign against the rich and famous. All drivers were expected to bring their automobiles; the first entrance fee was $8,700. The event has previously included the participation of notable figures, including Deadmau5, David Hasselhoff, Usher, Lewis Hamilton, and Tinie Tempah. Unfortunately, there was no reward for first place since Maximillion Cooper decided against awarding any money for the race out of concern for the participants’ safety. Including Gumball 3000 in the MTV series, Jackass helped the show’s profile significantly.

Since its inception in 1982, the race has grown in popularity, and the entrance price has climbed each year, reaching $28,000 in 2007. Two individuals were killed in a racing accident in Macedonia the same year, and the event was cancelled. But the next year, the rally was back, and it all started in San Francisco and ended at the Beijing Olympics in China. Participants worldwide continue to sign up for the event despite the fact that the registration cost has been upped to $100,000 per driver. Maximillion Cooper’s fortune owes much to the money he made during the concert.

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