Explore Island Boy’s viral video of him hitting his girlfriend, Charges explained!

It is becoming increasingly normal for exes to reconcile after breaking up. However, not all reconciliations are as spectacular as the one between Island Boy and Montaisha Shanell. The alleged victim has accused the rapper of assaulting her, and she is the one who made the accusation. In addition, he uploaded a video of his fiancée screaming in pain after being assaulted by him, which was widely shared. The fact that she is romantically involved with Kodiyakredd, better known as Franky Venegas, has catapulted her to the status of a well-known celebrity. Many people have spoken out in support of the lady, even though she is his girlfriend. They believe that this is an inappropriate way to treat a woman and have argued that it should not be done.

Island Boy’s Fight with His Girlfriend Caught On Camera

An argument between Kodiyakredd and Montaisha Shanell took place, and it was captured on tape. Several videos on Instagram Live show the two individuals verbally and physically attacking one another. In the background of the Instagram Live video Montaisha posted, Kodiyakredd can be heard yelling at her. The next month, in September, she produced yet another Instagram Live video featuring herself, in which she discussed how Kodiyakredd had defeated her.

When everything was said and done, she made an appearance on YouTube in December and said that she’d had enough of everything at that point. She has claimed to her audience that he regularly assaults her physically for the last several months, and they have listened to her. On the other hand, she doesn’t care even if his fans continue to show their support for him in public protests. She claims that she had it with people attacking her and lying to her and that she has reached her breaking point.

The Girlfriend of the Island Boy Punishes Him

The alleged attack on Island Boy Kodiyakredd by his girlfriend Montaisha took place in April of 2021 and was captured on tape. In the first version of the Instagram Live video, Shanell can be seen perhaps punching Kodiyakredd as they are both seated in the backseat of the car. After discovering that her lip was split, Montaisha called for her boyfriend to see it, but he paid no attention to her.

The moment the rapper started arguing with her, it seemed like she had reached the limit of her tolerance. It is reasonable to speculate that she decided to fight back and give him what he deserved since she seemed to be in great physical pain. As soon as she started to fight against him, he took a protective crouching position and knelt. It is not out of the question to assume that the possibility of being captured on video had a role in his choice to run away. On the other hand, he showed clear signs of being terrified by her and responded by beating her as well as a counterattack.

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