Farewell to Tevan Gevorkian, who died away recently

On December 5, 2021, Tevan Gevorkian, a good friend, died. It was 2021. Tevan was important to a lot of different people in many ways. He might be called “son,” “brother,” “cousin,” “grandson,” “friend,” “yeghpyer,” or “unger” by many people. He was all of these things and even more. Tevan was the kind of person who could make someone else smile even when things were really bad. Because he was so unique, just a few words with him would make you feel like you’d known him for a long time. Tevan has a long history of involvement in the Armenian community and working for positive change in his immediate neighbourhood and the larger Armenian community worldwide. Whether playing on the basketball team when he was a little kid or becoming an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America’s Ararat chapter, people worldwide were deeply affected by what Tevan did.

The reason why Tevan Gevorkian died

GoFundMe is a platform for crowdsourcing made in the U.S. and runs for the money. It lets people raise money for birthdays, graduations, and hard times like getting sick or being in an accident. On April 24, Tevan Gevorkian got the Eagle Scout Medal for all he had done in an online ceremony. Tevan joined his Boy Scout Eagle inspection boards through Zoom while his family prepared for a prayer ceremony to remember the Armenian Genocide. People who died in the Armenian Genocide were remembered at the service. Gevorkian had already fixed up the basketball courts at La Canada High School as one of the things he had to do to get his Eagle Scout award.

Tevan Gevorkian GoFund Page Name Details

It was an attempt to help the people who used the court and save money for the school that could be used for something else. After the task, it was determined that almost all of the Eagle Scout requirements had already been met. The Scout decided to go to the Court of Honor to get his Eagle title. No information about his birthday or the day he was born is available to the public, and this will likely stay the case for the foreseeable future. Tevan Gevorkian was in his twenties till he died on December 5, 2021. Still, other sources say that Arick Gevorkian is Tevan’s student number.

Notice of Tevan Gevorkian’s death and information about his funeral

Even so, the public hasn’t been told where he lives or who his parents are. So far, USD 39,198 has been given, which is very close to the goal of $50,000. There is currently no information on Tevan’s history or his parent’s. Even though he was involved with the Ararat Chapter’s Eagle Scout programme, Tevan’s parents reportedly have not disclosed the reason for their son’s tragic passing, according to the sources.

Just for being on the university panel, he has won several awards, which puts him in a class by himself. Since he is no longer with his followers, which is a big loss, on April 24, 2020, he was given the Eagle Scout Medal. In the Boy Scouts of America, this medal is the highest honour that can be earned. The right people have looked into the situation to find out what happened and why he died.

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