Finding Love in Mountain View” cast: Meet Myko Oliver, Danielle C. Ryan, and others from Hallmark film Details Explained

Finding Love in Mountain View is one of the best choices if the readers have a heartwarming family series with romances and a comedy. Hallmark Movies and mysteries will be used to bring the beautiful story to the network, which will melt the viewers’ hearts. It will revolve around the life change of the ambitious architect after her cousin’s death when she has given custody of the deceased children. The following will help you to know more about the official synopsis of Finding Love in Mountain View. 

While Finding Love in Mountain View will sound like a casual rom-com movie, like Life as We Know It, The Emotional and innocent storyline will use to deal with the new flick, which makes it look promising, and the cast has many talented and beautiful stars.   

Danielle C. Ryan as Margaret Garvey

Danielle C. Ryan will use to play the lead role in Finding Love in Mountain View, and she is acting in the role of Margaret Garvey. Danielle C. Ryan is a well-known American actress who started acting when she was seven. Her date of birth and birthplace are unknown, and she did not reveal anything about her family and personal life. Ryan is close, and she will use to share any of her information with the media. Because of her interest in acting, she started to appear in front of the camera when she was young. Ryan acted in the projects like A.B.C.’s mini-series, Little House of the Prairie, The Cat, Magnum P.I.P.I., Criminal Minds, and others. In the Hallmark, Movie Danielle acts as the architect, and she has an inexperienced parent and gets sole custody of her dead cousin’s children. 

Myko Oliver as Andrew

Myko Oliver has acted in the role of Andrew in the film Finding Love in Mountain View, and he is one of the talented actors. He has acted in many films and television series like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.E.S.H.I.E.L.E., Castle, Five Points, Menendez Blood Brothers, Awkward, Glee, Code Black, etc.   

In the film Finding Love in Mountain View, Oliver’s character is seen to be the kind-hearted person who will use to help Ryan to take care of her children. In some time, Oliver and Ryan will find out about their love or not in the story.  

Who are the child actors in Finding Love in Mountain View?

Joel and Sammie are the children who acted in the film whose parents died in the car accident, and the characters of the children in the film are Luke Loveless and Skyler Elyse Philpot. They both are inexperienced actors, but they have acted in short films. Skyer has appeared in some the projects like A Ring for Christmas, Evil Lives Here, Raising Dion, Deadly Games, and The Vanished. Luke has acted in the movies like Love at the Shore, Insurgent, and The Highwaymen, and also, he is acting in the upcoming film The Skeleton’s Compass. Other cast members who have acted in Finding Love in Mountain Views are John Paul Lavoisier as Nathan, Natalie Canerday as Bertha, Dean Denton as Ted Banks, and Marquis Goings as Tamara.

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