Fitted Sheets and Their History

Fitted sheets are the bottom sheets that serve as a barrier between you and the mattress during the night. Mattress can become a home for various unpleasant staff like dust mites or even mold over time, that’s why we need to have fitted sheets. It keeps the mattress clean for longer.

Fitted sheets have elastic all around, which makes it easy to get a great fit for your mattress without the sheet getting loose. Investing in high-quality mattress toppers will not only make your sleep more comfortable but also will make your mattress last longer. Or & Zon – bohemian decor store has world-class fitted sheets collections for you. If you’re looking for high-quality bedding, you definitely need to check this store out.

In this post, we will share interesting information about fitted bed sheets and their brief history.

What is the purpose of using fitted sheets?

The main purpose of using fitted sheets is to protect the mattress from getting dirty quickly. The top sheet will provide you with comfort that will improve your sleep quality.

There are many options of fitted sheets available. Your choice will solely depend on your preferences and budget. The top-rated bed sheet should have 300-500 thread counts. A high thread count makes the sheet softer, so it will wear well over time.

Let’s look at the main functions, types, and benefits of fitted bed sheets.


The sheets create a clean and soft surface, which makes sleeping more comfortable. You can choose the materials of your sheets that you like the most.

Sheet sets include a duvet cover, pillowcases, fitted top and bottom sheets. The bottom sheets are to protect the mattress, and with the top sheets, you can cover yourself during cold nights.

Types of Fitted Sheets

There are many options of fitted sheets available, for example, cotton sheets, linens sheets, etc. Bed linen is more expensive because it’s more difficult to produce than other materials. Although cotton sheets with a high thread count will be more breathable for your skin.

You can also choose different styles of sheets to find the perfect fit for your mattress. For example, you can choose bohemian bedding sets which come with fitted sheets as well.

There are standard fitted sheets for the regular depth mattresses. If you have a high mattress, choose a deep pocket fitted sheet. It was invented for high mattresses especially. An extra deep pocket provides the proper fit, so your room has a more appealing visual aesthetic.

Benefits of Using Fitted Sheets

Here are the main benefits of having fitted sheets for your bed:

  • They create a clean surface for sleeping
  • ●        To avoid an accumulation of germs and bugs, you should wash the fitted sheets regularly
  • The sheets provide comfort and improve the quality of sleep

Main advantages of fitted sheets compared to flat sheets

The main advantage of fitted sheets is that you can’t kick them loose while you’re sleeping. Unlike flat sheets that can easily get loose. If you don’t fold them correctly, they will disturb you in your sleep.

Another great advantage is that fitted bed sheets also absorb the skin oil and sweat that the body emits every night. That’s why every 5 to 7 nights, you need to change your bedding to keep your bed clean. There are some challenges to taking care of the fitted sheets, as they need to be washed regularly. But still, the advantages outweigh the challenges.

The brief history of fitted sheets

It seems like the fitted bed sheets were around for many years or even centuries. They seem like such basic everyday things. Actually, they were invented not a long time ago – in the 20th century. The inventor of the fitted bed sheets is an African American woman, Bertha Berman. She patented them in 1959 as a convenient alternative to a flat sheet.

They required little or no folding and didn’t crease that much compared to flat sheets. They were folded around the mattress with hospital corners technique to keep the sheet in place. It’s not comfortable when sheets didn’t stay on the mattress. So she realized that there was a need to cover mattresses in a new way.

Bertha Berman created and patented the design of the sheets with corners sewn to fit the mattress. Back then, these sheets were not perfect and sometimes managed to pop off the bed.  

Canadian housewife Giselle Jubinville made the new fitted sheets with deep corner pockets with the addition of elastic garters. This improvement of the sheets helped to make them much better and stay put.

How this story started: for months, she created many different designs and didn’t give up. She was turned down three times by the patent office. They didn’t want to accept her idea. Once she traveled to Washington and show them her mattress with the new sheet corner. That time she won. Giselle sold the patent for her invention for $1 million in 1993. This invention is known as fitted sheets with elastic corners and use up till these days.


The fitted bed sheets help their owners when it comes to protecting the mattress from the dirt and making it last longer. Even though they require good care and regular changing, it’s still worth investing in the high-quality fitted bottom sheet.

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