Gabbie Hanna accused of stalking Bo Burnham, Fans criticize her obsessions, Details discussed

There have been increasing worries about YouTuber Gabbie Hanna, and one thing that has drawn attention to her is her apparent false connection with Bo Burnham. After Burnham made fun of the YouTube celebrity in a comedy routine, people began bringing up Hanna’s confessed history of inventing a love connection with the musical comedian on social media. The Netflix special “Bo Burnham: Inside” included a spoof song by Burnham titled “White Woman’s Instagram,” in which the comedian’s face was covered in the text.

Bo Burnham: Was Gabbie Hanna, a stalker?

Having been obsessed with Burnham, Hanna documented her feelings in a 2014 YouTube video. After finding fame on the video-sharing platform Vine, Hanna referred to Burnham as her hero and inspiration, adding that he was the reason she had created an account.

Gabbie Hanna identified herself as Bo Burnham’s stalker

The video features screenshots of comments Hanna sent on Burnham’s social media pages in her early days as a fan, during which she portrays herself as a stalker and predator. Hanna reveals to Burnham that she is only interested in males who look like him in her commentary, expressing her desperation to meet him finally.

Hanna posed as Burnham’s girlfriend

Hanna claims she came up with the idea while chatting with her pals: “I’ll just act like I’m dating Bo Burnham.” Hanna then says she made a false Facebook account in Burnham’s name and uploaded edited photographs of the two kissing and cuddling. She then made it look as if Burnham was in a relationship with her by adding herself as a friend on his false page and altering his relationship status.

Fans thought Burnham and Hanna dated

Gabrielle Hanna of Pittsburgh claims that the prank went as far as someone editing Burnham’s Wikipedia profile to imply that he was dating her. Later, Hanna met Burnham in person during a meet & greet, and she used a picture of the two of them to continue to pretend about their connection online. She also claims that she provided Burnham with her contact information but never heard back from him.

Reasons for worrying about Gabbie Hanna

There is information in the viral TikTok that has been available on Hanna’s channel since 2014. However, Hanna’s latest actions have caused some to reevaluate the stalker charges. Some of Hanna’s recent social media posts have caused alarm due to her history of openness about her difficulties with mental health. Another former Vine star, Jessi Smiles, has recently sparked the debate around Hanna. Hanna has been under fire from Smiles, who claims she is protecting her accused rapist, Curtis Lepore, and she is still acquainted with him. In 2014, Lepore admitted guilt related to a charge of criminal assault. However, rape allegations were withdrawn as part of the agreement. Recently, Smiles released an audio recording of a phone conversation in which Hanna denies being friends with Lepore, demands a public apology from Smiles, and threatens legal action.

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