Gabriel Salazar, a TikTok celebrity – Car Accident

Gabriel Salazar, a popular user on the video-sharing platform TikTok who had more than 2.2 million followers on Twitter, passed away as a result of a horrible accident that occurred in Texas and also took the lives of three other individuals. According to the Zavala County Sheriff’s Office, a police officer from Crystal City pulled over the vehicle driven by Salazar at 1:20 a.m. on Sunday in Zavala County. This location is approximately 100 miles outside of San Antonio.

Death of TikTok star Gabriel Salazar

Unknown to this day is what brought the car to a stop in the first place. An officer said that he was in pursuit of a white Chevrolet Camaro on Highway 83, and he identified the car that he was looking for as being in the vehicle. According to the statements made by the sheriff’s office, one of the deputies joined the pursuit and made an unsuccessful effort to deploy a tire deflation device. During the chase, the Chevrolet Camaro “veered off the road, excessively, and went over the highway, into the west barrow ditch,” as stated by the Texas Department of Public Safety, which is in charge of conducting the investigation into the crash.

The vehicle was involved in an accident when it collided with some trees, rolled several times, and caught fire. Photos obtained at the scene show the truck completely consumed in flames. Salazar’s Instagram account had a following of more than 800,000 people, and he was better known on TikTok as “gabenotbabe.” According to the officials, his death could not be ruled out at the location where it occurred. Other victims of the incident were José Luis Jimenez-Mora, age 41; Jose Molina-Lara, age 23; and Sergio Espinoza-Flores, age 36.

All four persons were killed in the attack. According to representatives from the office in charge of public safety in the state, all three passengers were of Mexican ancestry. He had lived in the San Antonio area for a significant amount of time.

Who exactly was Gabe and not Babe?

More than one hundred thousand people see his videos each and every day. The lip-sync performances and skits that he was famous for helped make him a household name worldwide and won the general people’s hearts. Gabriel Salazarhe, one of the most famous and skilled TikTok performers, died at 19 years old. As soon as the news spread, followers and admirers of the TikToker were ready to express their condolences and pay their respects to him. As a result, social media was constantly bombarded with heartfelt and deeply felt comments.

On September 26, 2021, Gabenotbabe was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in an accident that went viral on social media and was seen by a large number of people. In addition, the police are keeping a close check on the accident and have been conducting periodic searches to establish the specifics of what happened to the popular person who was famous on TikTok.

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