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Over the show’s 13 seasons, millions of fans have become fond of Billy Bush and his family. They have seen the family’s journey from their isolated Alaskan farm, where they battled the weather and were attacked by bears, through their fight to overcome Ami’s fatal cancer diagnosis and into their new life in rural Washington state. Reality show fans came in as recently as the previous Sunday to see Billy motivate his family, which included his sons Matt, Bam, Bear, Gabe, and Noah, and his daughters Bird and Rain, as they completed the construction of their new home at North Star Ranch.

However, those who follow the family in real-time are aware that Billy, who was 68 years old when he died, had a seizure in February and passed suddenly as a result of the seizure. For the last eight seasons, the main emphasis of Alaskan Bush People has been on the life that the Brown family leads out in the wilderness. Ami Brown, the family patriarch, was given a diagnosis of lung cancer, and as a consequence, the Brown family uprooted their lives and relocated to the undeveloped lands of Washington state. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Browns is provided in this post.

Get to meet Billy Brown

Billy Brown, the family’s patriarch, was raised with the relative ease of Texas’s middle class throughout his formative years. When he was barely 16 years old, his parents and sister were all murdered when the private plane they were travelling crashed during a storm while they were in it. On that specific day, Billy made the decision not to go anywhere. In one episode of Alaskan Bush People, he said that he was tricked into becoming an outcast from his family, which led to the loss of his inheritance. He alleged this happened because of manipulation. He has two children from a prior marriage he had while he was a teenager. This marriage ended in divorce.

An episode of Alaskan Bush People included one of the daughters, Twila, who played a significant role in the story. After that, Billy wandered aimlessly around the nation for a considerable amount of time. After gaining experience as a commercial fisherman in the waters of the northern Pacific, he eventually moved his family to the more distant interior of Alaska. After writing and publishing his memoirs on his own, a filmmaker discovered them and used them as the basis for the documentary Alaskan Bush People.

Meet Ami Brown

Ami is known for being an expert in gardening and food cultivation and having a keen interest in navigating. She is a stay-at-home mother to all seven of her children. She has said on the show that the fact that she was raised in a home with alcoholism makes her marriage and children all the more valuable to her. She maintains that she never lets her distant family know where or what she is doing. Both Billy and Ami were native Texans when they initially met and married one another, and they established their household in Fort Worth. However, in an interview with People, they disclosed that they were unhappy with their jobs from 9 to 5 and that they were actively looking for ways to escape the country. They left for Alaska in 1983, where they would be cut off from civilisation for one year and a half, forcing them to learn how to live off the earth and fend for themselves in the wilderness. Ami found during the previous year that she had lung cancer. She was only given a slim chance of survival, but after many months of chemotherapy and radiation, the physicians declared her clear of cancer.

The Wedding of Billy Brown and Ami Brown

The wedding took place in Texas on June 16, 1979, which places the date almost exactly 39 years ago. Billy Brown and Ami Brown. Nevertheless, there was nothing standard about this wedding at all. When they began working together, Billy was 26 years old, while Ami was just a frightening 15 years old at the time. The fact that they could be married without any problems in Texas in 1979 shows how much things have changed since then. Under the state’s law, a child as young as 14 may be lawfully wed as long as they get their parents’ consent. Because of this, Billy and Ami tied the knot despite the fact that there was an 11-year age gap between them.

According to, Ami’s mother disapproved of her daughter being engaged since she urged that her daughter complete her education first. On the other hand, Ami would cut off all ties to her family once the pair married. Later, Ami’s mother and brother would accuse Billy of forcing him to participate in his dream world. In addition to this, they have the opinion that he is a “very controlling husband.” According to the next part of the article published by PopCulture, Ami’s brother questioned Billy about his aggressive behaviour, citing the coverage provided by Screenrant. Billy Brown reportedly said, “That’s none of your mother’s business now.” I have nothing except debts to her!

Throughout their time together on the show ‘Alaskan Bush People,’ the couple would still have a strong sense of love for one another. In spite of the contentious background, there is no evidence to imply that this is not the case. Some viewers have commented that Ami is presented in the series as a “dutiful and subservient” wife, and they base their observations on their observations of the show. This indicates that for a significant amount of time, individuals will debate whether they are equal.

Family details of Billy Brown

Matt Brown 

Matt Brown was the first in his family to spend his whole childhood outdoors, and he did so throughout his entire life. A passionate outdoorsman for his whole childhood, he fished for the first time when he was four or five years old and started going hunting and fishing on a regular basis when he was ten years old. It is said that after spending time in Juneau and making what he referred to as “bad choices,” he struggled as an adult with alcohol usage. In 2016, he checked himself into a residential treatment facility for his addiction. 2017 Matt was harmed when a rare explosion occurred in Browntown after the crew from Alaskan Bush People had already left for the day. It is said that Matt packed his refrigerator with gunpowder and cannon fuse in a mason jar. This was allegedly heard as a rumour. He had to be admitted to the hospital but quickly recovered.

Bam Brown

Joshua “Bam Bam” or “Bam” Brown is one of the resident experts whenever the Brown family sets sail since he spent his childhood on the fishing boat that belonged to his family. A year ago, he embarked on a journey of independence by leaving Alaska. Alli Kagan, who formerly worked as a producer on Alaskan Bush People, is now dating Bam, and the two of them have even worked together to repair a boat.

Bear Brown

Because Solomon “Bear” Brown is the primary provider of food for his family, he must spend a significant amount of time in the woods honing his talents as an animal tracker. In May, he injured the cornea of his eye when he ran into a tree and scratched it. He went to the hospital for treatment. He could not escape without covering at least one of his eyes. On the other hand, when he’s not working hard out in the field, he’s busy producing his own movie.

Gabe Brown

Gabe had barely been with the Brown family for three months when they decided to go fishing on a boat. He is known for his tireless work ethic as well as his innovative spirit. Recently, he was admitted to the hospital with a streptococcal infection while his mother was undergoing treatment for lung cancer. He was removed from his mother throughout the period when her immune system was compromised in order to protect him. During the month of June, the programme shared on Twitter the following statement: “Gabe Brown is excited to be back with his family now that Ami is doing better.”

Noah Brown

Noah Brown is the resident expert on gadgets in the Brown family, always thinking of ways to improve conventional hunting gear. In Idaho, just a few short days before the third season of Alaskan Bush People was about to premiere, he tied the wedding with Rhain Alisha. The Browns made their appearance, appropriately attired for the occasion.

Snowbird Brown

The Browns’ first child, a girl they called Amora Jean “Snowbird” or “Bird” Brown, was given the name Amora in honour of the Browns’ other daughter, Ami. Snowbird is a fiercely independent person who hunts for food and fishes on her own when she’s not with her family. During the month of January, which was designated as National Bird Day, Rain penned a heartfelt tribute to their lost sister.

Rain Brown

Rain is the Brown family’s second daughter and youngest kid, and the other members of her family dote on her rather often. Rain is also the family’s youngest child. She demands that her family treat her with more respect and take on more duties in the new season of Alaskan Bush People. However, she has begun acting independently. And Rain is only an abbreviated variant of her given name, Katherine Raindrop Brown. Rain and Gabe celebrated their mother’s birthday by creating a video birthday card, which they then uploaded on Instagram. It’s not quite apparent what Rain meant when he said, “You inspire me beyond compare.”

Billy Brown’s First Wife and Older Daughter

Billy already had a family of his own by the time he met Ami Brown, who would eventually become his wife. According to official records in Texas that Radar Online acquired, Billy married his first wife when he was just 16 years old, and she was 17 years old. According to the paperwork obtained by the Facebook group Alaskan Bush People Exposed, his wife’s name is Brenda, and the pair has two children named Twila and Brandy. According to the Exposed page, Billy is said to have revealed in his book Lost Years that he and Brenda were married when they were so young that he could stop being designated a state ward. This information comes from the book.

After five years of marriage, they decided to go their own ways, and Billy believes that he vanished from their lives. Although Brenda and Billy Brown have never revealed to the world that they have a family member named Brandy, their daughter Twila made her debut on Alaskan Bush People in 2016, which might be interpreted as hinting that they only have one child. The Brown family patriarch said that he had not spoken to or seen the eldest Brown child in 30 years, which was when she was 15 years old. This information was revealed after a cameo appearance by the child.

In spite of what seems to be a restored relationship, Twila appears to have lost contact with her family. She has maintained a healthy emotional distance from her father while at the same time using her Facebook profile to provide occasional updates about her half-siblings. In a post that she wrote in June 2020, she sent her best wishes for a “Happy Father’s Day” to the absent father.

Grandchildren of Billy Brown’s Older Generation

You wouldn’t have known that Billy had a grandchild for a number of years unless you happened to see that particular episode of Alaskan Bush People. The oldest daughter, Twila, had two children, but unfortunately, one of them was killed in a car accident a few years before she and Billy came back in contact with each other for a short time. On Celie’s birthday, which is on July 17th, her mother makes sure to do something extra special for her. Her daughter, with her spouse Mike Byars’s family, is called Bronte Byars. Both the mother and the daughter snap several selfies regularly.

Younger Kids and Second Wife of Billy Brown

Even though Ami was much younger than Billy, the two of them were married at a very young age. When they were married, the reality star’s second wife was just 15 years old, ten years younger than her husband, who was 25 at the time of their union. They had seven children together, whose names vary from “Matthew” to “Merry Christmas,” we’ve witnessed their whole lives develop on the show, most notably that of their youngest daughter, Rain, who was just eleven when filming started. Although her other siblings are adults now, they have also gone through comparable development throughout their lives.

Bam Bam Brown seems to be taking his relationship with the producer of his programme, Allison Kagan, extremely seriously, in contrast to his brother Matt Brown, who has not yet found a partner. Three of the youngest brothers already have children, and two of them are married or in the process of getting married. Noah and Rhain exchanged their vows in August 2018, while Gabe and Raquell “Rose” Pantilla discreetly sealed the knot in January 2019. In June 2019, they had a second ceremony, this time inviting only very close friends and family members.

Younger Grandchildren of Billy Brown

When Noah and Rhain Brown became the proud parents of their baby Elijah Connor in February 2019, they made history in the state of Alaska by being the very first parents to do so. Aunt Rain Brown was the first relative to express her adoration for the new baby, who wrote, “Dear Elijah Conner When I first saw you, it was 3:30 in the morning. Tuesday the 26th of February, the month of February. Gabe and Rose made the happy announcement in July 2019 that they were expecting their own child, which came after the birth of Gabe’s younger brother. They announced their excitement to People by saying, “We are so thrilled to share that we will be welcoming a new member into our family this November.”

During the summer, the couple announced that they were expecting a child, stating, “God has blessed us in so many ways, and we can’t wait to meet our little one this fall.” In the fall, they made the decision to keep their unborn child’s existence a secret; nevertheless, in May 2020, The Sun reported that they had given birth to a “healthy” child. Bear Brown found out he was going to be a father for the second time in September of 2019 after his ex-girlfriend Raiven Adams confirmed she was pregnant with their child. Bear will have two children in total. Their relationship went through many ups and downs until it was finally severed when Raiven disclosed abuse allegations. She eventually gave birth to their baby in March of 2020, even though he was born preterm and spent a significant amount of time in the NICU.

After a relatively brief legal battle, Bear disclosed in May of 2020 the results of a paternity test which proved that he was, in fact, River’s biological father. They have reconciled and are living together once again. Even while the two youngest sisters, Bird Brown and Rain, may be third-wheeling and putting a stop to engagement whispers for the time being, it won’t be long until everyone starts having kids of their own, and the family tree will get outrageously complicated. Either they will pull a Bam Bam and start dating one of the crew members, or they will leave the jungle and look for love elsewhere. Because they have produced so many kids, you can be certain that the Brown bush family will keep expanding.

The Tragic Death of Billy Brown

Billy Brown, the patriarch of the Brown family, passed away on February 7, 2021, after suffering from a seizure, as stated in a post that Bear made on Instagram. The show’s fans were taken aback by the announcement that Bear Brown had made on his personal Instagram account that his father had passed away. Despite Billy’s deteriorating health, Ami, Billy’s wife, had been fighting a long and difficult battle against stage three lung cancer for many years. Due to the patriarch’s health difficulties, the doctors cautioned against the high altitude, but Billy did not intend to let anybody tell him how to spend his time or enjoy his life. His death occurred at home as a result of a seizure. Bear referred to Billy Brown as “our greatest friend,” and he was also a wonderful and loving father, grandfather, and spouse. He lived a life of his own design, surviving off the land and without modern conveniences, and he showed us how to do the same.

How Things Have Changed Since the Passing of Billy Brown 

His unexpected death devastated his family and thrust his wife Ami into a legal battle when an investor demanded $500,000 from his inheritance. The Browns no longer have their North to guide them through challenging times. The success of “Alaskan Bush People” may be attributed, in large part, to Billy and his strong personality, as well as his loving and supportive connection with his seven very different children.

Due to the fact that he has a hard time staying sober, Matt has been to treatment twice. Despite his siblings’ best efforts to be supportive of him, he has fought with them. In 2014, during the show’s eighth season, he decided to quit due to personal issues. Matt blamed his mother, Ami, for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from him after his father passed away.

Joshua Brown, the second child of Billy and Ami Brown and affectionately known as Bam Bam by his family and fans, was subjected to harsh criticism from the public when his mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2017. Bam Bam wasn’t quite as encouraging as the rest of the youngsters; he has since quit the programme to pursue a romantic relationship with an “Alaskan Bush People” producer. Fortunately, Bam Bam was able to make up with his family before his father passed away.

Bear Brown is the third son of Billy and Ami Brown. Bear has been the most outspoken of the seven children about his grief over Billy’s death. Bear married River’s mother, Raiven Adams, on January 17, 2022. The couple’s relationship has gone through various changes, including a split. After River was born, they made the decision to try again. Bear has stated that he affectionately refers to River as “Little Billy” in honour of his late father.

Gabriel Starbuck Brown, also known as “Gabe,” the fourth Brown son, has been profoundly impacted by the passing of his father. Gabe has been married to Raquell Brown since 2019, and the couple has two daughters together: Sophie, who was born in November 2019, and another daughter, who was born in the fall of 2021. There was another young grandchild whom Billy never got the chance to meet. 

Noah Darkcloud Brown is the youngest and fifth child of Billy and Ami. Like Billy before him, Noah is a doting father, and he and his wife, Rain, have two young sons. Billy and Ami’s first grandchild, Elijah, was born to them in 2019. In December 2021, the family joyfully welcomed little Adam. Unfortunately, due to the passing of Adam, Billy will never have another grandson with whom he can share his love of the outdoors.

Amora Jean Snowbird Brown, who goes by the nickname “Bird” to those who care about her, came into the world on November 18th, 1994. She is the only girl in a family of six boys, and although she is the most reserved of her siblings, she is still an influential young woman. Her brothers have described Snowbird as a “mini-mom,” and they say that she was the rock on which their mother relied while she fought her illness. On the day that Billy died away on November 23, 2018, his youngest child, Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop Brown, had just turned 19 years old.

The young lady, who has struggled with depression in the past, wrote an emotional Instagram post about how much she missed her father. I have lost a real buddy, she wrote. Not forever, but just while we’re on Earth. I ask that you remember my mother and family in your prayers. Rain, as she was universally known, developed before our eyes for the show’s 15 seasons.

Final words

Due to the sudden death of Billy Brown in 2018, the Brown family’s planned reunion for the forthcoming season of Alaskan Bush People has been put under challenge. On the other hand, fans of the famous docudrama may, at long last, sigh relief since the Wolfpack will be appearing in an all-new season of the show. On both Discovery and Discovery Plus, the first episode of Season 14 will air at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

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