Get to Meet king Richard Williams? where is he now? King Richard’s location revealed after Sabrina Williams’ harsh criticism

King Richard, starring Will Smith, restored Richard Williams’ global fame. After just a week in theatres, the picture was deemed a smashing success, and Will Smith was immediately considered a leader for Best Actor at the next Academy Awards. Following the lives of American tennis coach Richard Williams, the film shows how he influenced the careers of his daughters, Venus and Serena.

Where is Richard Williams now?

Since Richard Williams has been out of the limelight for years, many were curious about his location after King Richard. The New York Post claims that the 79-year-old lives in Atlanta despite being in terrible health. According to reports, his condition worsened after two severe strokes in 2016. After his first stroke, his son Chavoita LeSane took care of him. After divorcing his third wife, Lakeisha Juanita Graham, in 2017, Richard Williams has been in court with her.

Former coach Chavoita LeSane cannot handle any business affairs on his own, which is why his son Chavoita LeSane has been given power of attorney. Venus Williams uploaded a photo with her dad on Instagram in 2019, explaining that she doesn’t think he’ll miss her daughters’ home practise now that he can’t join them on tour. Richard playing with his granddaughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian was uploaded by Serena Williams earlier this month. However, his oldest daughter Sabrina Williams spoke about her connection with her father, criticising him.

The conflict between Sabrina Williams and her father, Richard Williams

King Richard’s portrayal of Richard Williams’ role in Venus and Selena Williams’ record-breaking tennis careers is garnering worldwide acclaim. However, his estranged daughter Sabrina Williams was very dissatisfied after seeing the film. Sabrina Williams is a joint custody arrangement between Richard Williams and his ex-wife Betty Johnson. The couple married in 1965 and had five children: Sabrina, Richard III, Ronner, Reluss, and Reneeka. The tennis instructor supposedly left Betty and divorced her in 1973. In 1979, he married Oracene Price. Venus Williams and Serena Williams were the couple’s two offspring. As seen in the biographical film, Richard Williams made great efforts to help his daughters become stars.

The rest of his kids, however, grew up in dire poverty. Sabrina Williams discussed her father and King Richard in an interview with The Sun. According to Sabrina, Richard Williams helped Venus and Serena because he knew they would earn him a million dollars. She said her father departed to get a bike and never returned. Sabrina also criticized Reinaldo Marcus Green for omitting Richard Williams’ first thirty years from King Richard. She added that Will Smith, the actor who took on the title role, should be “ashamed” of himself. The 57-year-old did, however, say that she believes her father hasn’t forgotten about his first family. Sabrina also went to therapy for her anger problems from her troubled relationship with Richard Williams. She also determined that she may never meet Richard Williams or attend his funeral. After Sabrina Williams’ critical account of Richard Williams’ early life, Will Smith and Reinaldo Green could perhaps address the issue. The Williams sisters and Richard’s agents have been silent so far.

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