Heechul gives insights into former relationships, Unhappy TWICE Momo fans react in, details explored!

Recently, Heechul (or Kim Heechul) made a joke about his exes, and it didn’t take long for his supporters to resort to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the joke. The member of Super Junior, who is now in great demand, has a schedule full to the brim with many hosting engagements and guest appearances on various television programmes. It would seem that the general public has a favourable opinion of Heechul. When he is not performing with the K-pop group that SM Entertainment has signed to them, Heechul is a well-known TV personality in South Korea. Despite this, many of his followers seemed to have different reviews to his statements on the broadcast. The international couple who has fallen in love with Korea. They took to social media in droves to share their thoughts and opinions.

Momo’s admirers are outraged as Heechul exposes prior romances

Heechul will participate as a panellist in the reality show “Falling for Korea – International Couples” in the year 2021. This programme is about international couples who fall in love with South Korea. The programme aims to conduct interviews with married couples from other countries who have made South Korea their permanent home. The purpose of this research is to get an understanding of their life as “transnational couples,” including how they have been seen by others, how they have adjusted to living together, and other issues of a similar kind.

 A preview clip for the forthcoming ninth episode generated a sensation on social media owing to the oncoming upheaval that was about to occur. Someone who participated in the programme said that she was frustrated with her partner because he spent all day playing video games and that this was the source of her anger. The “game” that takes place between these couples of different cultural backgrounds is supposed to be the focus of this episode.

According to what is said in the video, one of Heechul’s exes left him because she couldn’t deal with his passion for video games. Heechul and Momo of TWICE made their romance public in January 2020; however, they confirmed their breakup earlier this month. Heechul is a member of the boy band TWICE. Due to the fact that it occurred so soon after Momo’s death, a lot of admirers saw it as a tribute to her in some way. The situation infuriated a great number of individuals, as seen by the flood of furious tweets that followed.

Furthermore, on the other hand, swiftly came to his defence and clapped back at those who had anything to say or who just tweeted out their opinions. Even though it is quite probable that Heechul was referring to his relationship with Momo from TWICE, it is not obvious if he intended for it to be seen as praise. You should be able to see more about the episode in question on July 28.

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