Here’s the scandalous history of My Lotto Dream House, Details you should know before the premiere is explored!

The much-loved presenter of the HGTV show “My Lotto Dream House,” David Bromstad, will be back for a brand-new program season. His positive outlook and boundless energy brighten each episode of the real estate series. David Bromstad’s life may seem picture-perfect on camera and social media, but he’s faced his fair share of hardship, controversy, and heartbreak in the real world. In 2015, the star’s ex-boyfriend sued him for defamation for hosting My Lottery Dream House. Bromstad’s ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Glasko made many surprising accusations about his ex after they split up.

The conflict between David Bromstad and Jeffrey Glasko

Jeffrey Glasko and David Bromstad began dating in 2004 after they met on Valentine’s Day at a tavern in Firestone, Orlando. During the pub’s singles event, they instantly clicked and remained together until 2015. Glasko decided to end their relationship just as the two had become the favourite pair among the audience and were getting ready to tie the knot. He sued David Bromstad, claiming that Bromstad had broken an “oral nuptial”-like cohabitation agreement and divided up the apartment they had previously shared.

Glasko uncovered some alarming information in the course of compiling the study. He said David Bromstad depended on drugs and alcohol, which drained Glasko’s resources. It has been stated that the host refuted the allegations, and the court subsequently rejected the action in favour of David Bromstad, but he did impose fines against Glasko. The winner of Design Star is now concentrating on the forthcoming season of My Lotto Dream House and does not seem to be in a relationship with anybody now.

Details about My Lottery Dream Home’s new season

On Friday, November 12, at 9:00 pm Eastern Time/Pacific Time on HGTV, the new season of the reality television show My Lottery Dream House, which Beyond Productions produce, is scheduled to make its debut. The David Bromstad-hosted show is about helping the rich find their ideal homes.

According to the official summary, in My Lotto Dream House, He Bromstad travels nationwide to assist his newly wealthy customers to purchase their dream homes. David will look for residences with all the bells and whistles a lottery winner might want, from a beachfront retreat in Cape Coral, Florida, to a big family mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. The television network has started sharing teaser videos on various social media platforms, allowing fans to get a sneak peek at the first episode of the new show.

With the help of David Bromstad, a family of five (including three canine members) moves from a cramped two-bedroom apartment to a spacious new home in the San Fernando Valley. After winning the lottery for five million dollars, the family is looking for a home that provides enough space to live together. Will they locate the house of their dreams with Bromstad’s assistance? What happens can only be determined by time. Discovery Plus users will also be able to see the most recent episodes.

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