High schools in Las Vegas are beaten, and the Clark County School District and the rest of the city are outraged (CCSD)

During a fight between two high school students in Las Vegas, one of them was hit about 30 times. This led to the other student being arrested on charges of violence. The event was caught on camera, and the video was then shared on several social media sites. In a video that has since gone viral, an unidentified student can be seen angrily hitting a female classmate on the back of the head inside a schoolroom. In the first few seconds of the movie, you can see the victim raise her hands to shield herself from the people watching.

The outrages detailed

The accused, on the other hand, attacked the victim until she was bloody and then left the desk where they were talking. At this time, neither why the victim was attacked nor how badly she was hurt are known to the general public.

Beatings happened at Las Vegas High School in an incident

In the wake of the terrible thing that happened at Las Vegas High School, the Clark County School District told KTNV that it thoroughly looks into all cases of bullying and punishes those who do it harshly. This statement is in response to the horrible beatings at Las Vegas High School.

We can’t discuss certain disciplinary actions against students because of privacy laws. Still, most of the time, students can face administrative punishment at school or, depending on how bad the situation is, be reported to the police and possibly face criminal charges. Jesus F. Jara, in charge of the schools in Clark County, said that any student who acts violently would face legal consequences.

The Clark County School District website says

 Those who engage in acts of violence, assault, or bullying shall be held accountable to the maximum extent of the law. Those who choose to do these things must take responsibility for their actions. In the meantime, Ronnie Guerzon, the Las Vegas High School principal, told parents that the school would respond to and deal with the incident through the proper channels. He said,

Your student may have been in one of their classes when a fight broke out earlier this week. The situation is known to the administration, which is taking steps to fix it. Efforts to solve the problem are being coordinated through the right channels.

The principal said that all students are expected to follow the CCSD Student Code of Conduct and asked parents to talk to their kids about how to act on campus. The principal also asked parents to talk to their kids about how they should act on campus.

Video of the attack on Las Vegas High School

People have been angry and shocked after seeing a video that has gone viral and shows a fight between two students at Las Vegas High School. Residents of the neighborhood wanted the person who attacked to get the punishment they deserved, while many others criticized the school district for being unable to keep students safe.

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