Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable: Pursuing a Car Accident Injury Claim in Austin

After going through a car accident, proving liability is very crucial to receive compensation for your loss. The most efficient way to deal with this is to hold the at-fault driver negligent in pursuing a claim to get the deserving settlement.

Getting in touch with a lawyer will help you to understand the important factors in proving a liability. If you are in Austin and going through the same scenario, you might want to talk to a personal injury attorney in Austin.

It is important to see a lawyer in the same area as he will be well aware of the issues and complexities related to that area, and he will be experienced in them. Let us further look into proving liability after a car accident.

Understanding the Duty of Care

Duty of care holds great significance. A driver has the responsibility to keep himself, his passengers, and others safe while driving. There should not be any ignorance or negligence on his part that could cause serious safety concerns.

It is a driver’s responsibility to keep everyone safe. His passengers and passengers from the surrounding cars are dependent on him for their safety. That is why it is a driver’s duty to drive safely, take proper measures, not use a phone while driving, and take all the essential precautionary measures.

This duty of care demands that a driver follow all traffic laws, no distractions, and all his attention while driving. This is important to avoid any accidents on the road.

A Breach of the Duty of Care

A breach can lead to extreme car crashes. It involves actions that are against the duty of care. For example, driving over the speed limit is an example of a breach of the duty of care as it can be damaging and fatal for the driver himself and other drivers on the road.

Other examples are drunk driving, distractions, not waiting for the signal to turn green, and failure to control the vehicle or oneself while driving. All of them can be very dangerous and lead to serious accidents.

Looking Into Causation

We cannot just hold a driver accountable only by using a breach of the duty of care. There should be a causation to prove the negligence of a driver. Causation is about the certain action or behavior of the driver that caused the accident.

A third- party can also cause causation. A third party’s negligence is often the reason for causation. It allows you to specifically hold one person at fault for causing the accident because of their ignorant action.

Understanding Damages

It is required from a victim or plaintiff to show solid evidence in order to pursue a rightful claim/compensation for their loss. Following are the categories of car accident damages:

  • Property Damages
  • Physical loss/injuries
  • Damages of Pain and Suffering

It is almost impossible to recover damages if you are unable to show and prove your damages. Obtaining compensation will be a lot more challenging this way.

Death of A Loved One In A Rollover Car Crash

Rollover car crashes are frequent on some of the fast roads, and some of them can be fatal. Fortunately, you can recover some damages for your deceased loved one.

If you are their close relative, like a child, spouse, parent, or sibling, you can be allowed to file a wrongful death claim. This will allow you to recover medical expenses, funeral or burial expenses, lost earnings, and other damages.

Overspeeding and Injuries Caused By It

There are a good number of accidents caused by overspeeding. Fortunately, a victim of speeding driver injuries can recover some compensation for his loss. If you got injured by a speeding driver, you will be eligible to recover your lost wages for the work days you won’t attend because of your injuries.

You will also be able to get compensation for all of your medical expenses, including your surgery bills, prescription medicines, visits to your doctors, physiotherapy treatments, visits to a psychiatrist, etc.

What If the Negligent Driver is Uninsured? How Will You Get Compensation for Your Loss?

Usually, car accident-injured victims go to negligent driver’s insurance providers to get the deserving compensation for their damages. But unfortunately, in most of the cases, the negligent driver’s insurance is not enough to cover all the damages of the victim.

And sometimes, negligent drivers do not even have an insurance policy. In situations like these, one should have insurance like “uninsured motorist insurance coverage” (UM) or “underinsured motorist insurance coverage”(UIM).

These coverages fall under your auto insurance policy. These coverages help you to recover your own vehicle damages and injuries. But as you are already aware, insurance policies can be quite complex, and dealing with them can be draining.

That is why you must always connect to a lawyer who can understand insurance companies and their tactics to ensure that you get a smooth experience.

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