Home Textile Trends That Will Rule In 2022

Beautifying our homes is always enjoyable. New trends emerge periodically, making us want more and explore more. For instance, you may want to find some breezy light curtains for summer. But come winter, and you will want to know how to attach thermal lining for curtains.

The art of home decor changes constantly, and fresh trends are forming quickly. Let us look into some trends that can very well be carried on into 2022.

The list of trends seems endless, but we will discuss some of the most promising ones below.

  • With the pandemic outbreak, people have been spending considerable time at home. They have observed the minute things about the home decor that they probably looked over before. Fabrics and textiles in the home have a considerable impact on your decor, and changing them or upgrading them is a great way to stay on trend. In this context, due to the pandemic, people have not been able to connect to nature. The trend for natural or nature mimicking textiles has increased. This includes fabrics that feel like natural elements, and shades in natural colors.
  • Textile and fashion experts say that there will be a resurgence of the fabric called the Boucle. It is an excellent fabric that is perfectly placed between hard and soft in feel. The textile is suitable for a range of upholstery. You can combine it with cotton to make upholstery for your sofa, chairs, and more. The beauty of this material is that it can seamlessly be used with wood or metal, softening the hard-edged feel of the two.
  • The other fabric that has made a grand comeback is Corduroy and will be here to stay. This can be called a timeless classic. The soft feel makes it exciting and easy to work with. Corduroy can be used for upholstery for any type of furniture with ease.
  • Back to the natural elements for home decor fabric, linen or wool can be used beautifully for beautifying your home. These earthly materials add an organic edge to your home. The use of fabric is not limited to upholstery only. You can use wool to make exciting decorative elements. Cushions or Blankets made of wool in natural pastel shades can bring a cozy and warm feeling to your home.
  • Organic camouflage is trending. Using materials in warm shades gives a fresh feel to your home and makes us imagine beaches, forests, etc. An organic camouflage cushion makes a perfect style statement with couches of sofas in vibrant shades.
  • The use of patterns in your home decor is going to be a trend in 2022. These hold good for wallpapers, paintwork, cushions, bedcovers, and so much more. Use patterns like brickwork for a bold look, floral motifs in vibrant tones for a bright feel.

The future of home decor and textile trends seems to be all set for 2022. The warmth and earthy feel of pastel shades are back and here to stay. You can draw inspiration from all the points we discussed above and plan your home decor styling with your favorite textiles.

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