Hot New Trends in Design This Year

The design industry is growing fast, and you want to stay on top of the trends if you’re in the business. Even last year’s fads are now becoming common, so if you’re a designer, you should read up on what is new this year and how you can get on top of the game.

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So what are the big trends of 2023? We will list the top ones here.

Advancements in AI

Thanks to advancements in AI, the design business is taking off in increasingly customized, personalized, and automated directions. Some of the things that designers are able to do include having photos be “read” by apps to understand exactly how colors need to be balanced, background noise removed, or other subtle adjustments made. New tools use advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze and enhance photos.

For people hoping to receive feedback on their designs, there are now tools that allow users to get real-time feedback by means of eye-tracking technology and machine learning algorithms. These functions work together to analyze how users interact with your designs and provide feedback accordingly.

If you’re a fan of particular color palettes, you now have a whole spectrum of possibilities at your fingertips. You can now find AI-powered color palette generators that help you create customized colors for your designs. In using algorithms to analyze millions of different images, you can create amazing customized palettes simply by listing your preferences to the program.

3D designs

Another hot trend is the creation of increasingly sophisticated 3D designs. New programs allow designers to create 3D images that are abstract and experimental. This can apply to a range of design areas.

Among the applications that 3D design tools are starting to have are uses in 3D modeling to allow for a greater degree of detail in modeling. The tools can also be used in animation, as well as in virtual reality.

Loosely Interpreted Letter Marks

Companies are always looking for ways to make their logos stand out more. From increasing to decreasing size, all caps to all lowercase, there have been many different trends in changing letter appearances.

This year, more and more companies are experimenting with what is known as “loosely interpreted letter marks.” In other words, they block out parts of letters to create a funky, imagination-stimulating effect. The famous Istanbul logo, which quickly made its way onto t-shirts, postcards, and other pieces of paraphernalia, was one of the first to use this technique. The new Nokia logo is another example.


Risograph is a technique that originated in Japan in the 1980s. It is now taking on new forms in the graphic design world in particular. The original form involved a type of stencil duplication that used soy-based inks to create funky looking patterns.

Designers are now using this technique in both print and digital forms. It has a “retro” appeal and is making waves throughout the industry.

Modern Nostalgia

A related trend to risograph is modern nostalgia. As its oxymoronic name suggests, modern nostalgia involves combining old and new into creative, digitized mixtures. Modern nostalgia includes the use of old-style images and typography, combined with modern techniques to produce funky images that will be appreciated by both young and old. If young designers once thought that old-style designs were uncool, this will surely change with the popularization of modern nostalgia tools.

Brutal Grunge

Another favorite among designers is grunge. Being able to put a funky overlay on digital creations adds a special appeal, and there are now an increasing number of options for how to do this.

While there have been standardized options for adding grunge techniques to images and larger works for some time, the techniques and available tools are increasing, and designers can now add overlays manually, in customized styles and patterns.

There’s more to come

Thanks to improved techniques, technological advancements, and the rise of AI, the design world will only continue to grow. Keep your eyes open for yet more advanced tools in the near future. Your creative world will surely open up as a result

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